Thursday, July 20, 2006

Dragonball Z: Tenkaichi 2 Scans and Rumors?

DBZ is definetly a big title for gaming especially in Japan. And to have this game at launch beside the Wii is always good for a good piece of gamers. Today a couple of scans have arisen and a few rumors that are very interesting. First for ones wanting to see the scans they wouldn't show up on the screen so just click source 1 down at the bottom to check those out. As for the rumors they are some ones that might get DBZ fans very excited. The rumors are it is possible to modify a DBZ character and use that character online which would obviously point out online for the game. The multiplayer is supposed to have mini games and combat team modes and many more.

Well this all sounds really exciting. I only liked the first DBZ game but I'm intrigued by this new one for one to be able to really do the Kamehameaha move or however you spell it. That's what I found cool about game and series is cause of how cool they were to me at least. Haha wish I could be cool like those guys. So maybe doing the actions will give it a new spark. Plus it'll have many other new and different controls that are immersive that you can only get with the wii. And with an edition of online and customize a character only makes it a fan of DBZ's dream. More on this soon.

Source 1 Source 2



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