Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Cryptic Working On Next Gen MMO

Cryptic, the guys behind City of Villains and City of Heroes, have stated recently that they want to bring an MMO to the PC and next gen consoles. This arose when on the Cryptic site they were posting up job listings for programers, ect. to create an MMO for the PC and console platforms. The only thing that was said to give a hint to what this game is is that the job listings asked for people also with an interest in history and mythology. Although Jack Emmert, Creative Designer for Cryptic, told IGN that this includes both ancient and modern history and mythology. But went on further to say that it won't be set in Ancient Greece or Rome. For Cryptic's Site go to the link below: Very intriguing. Hope more will arise on this as to the small details of modern and ancient mythology and history. Possibly even combining the 2. Very interesting. No official platforms have been announced but as of now we'll assume it's for the PC, X360, PS3, and the Wii til official platforms are revealed. Zucas


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