Sunday, July 30, 2006

Crossbeam Studios Interview

Been saving this interview for the weekend especially Sunday to have a little news haha. But this is a really good interview and a good read for weekend slowness. Check it out. First of all, could you please introduce yourselves and give us some general information about Crossbeam? Greg Szemiot: My name is Greg Szemiot, I am the director for two projects at CSE, Orb and Thorn, and part of the design team for Darkness. You are currently working on three different projects for Wii. Could you tell us what they are all about? Why exactly did you choose the new Nintendo platform, though you actually wanted to develop PC-games? Greg Szemiot: During the second half of 2005 we started hearing from friends in the industry some bits of information regarding the then Revolution... we started to think about supporting something that had such a unique control system, and then when TGS showed us the controller in full, we knew, after a little bit of shock, that this was going to be big, and it would allow us freedom we would not have on any other platform. Are all three projects developed at the same time, or are you concentrating on one certain project? Greg Szemiot: We are concentrating our development team on Orb, while the design team and concept art teams are spread across all three projects. Each of the titles has its own special aspects and clearly stands out against similar games for Nintendo systems. What kind of philosophy are you following while developing your games, and what is it, that makes them so unique? Greg Szemiot: The three founders of CSE are big fans of deep storylines. We wanted to push the medium away from the standard 'point a to point b' storyline that almost all games have. I think that focus on emotion and atmosphere separates us from much of the gaming norm. Are there already plans, where and when you are going to show us some new material of your games and how the games will be constructed in terms of gameplay, graphics and so on? Greg Szemiot: There are plans for when new material will be shown, as for how the games perform graphically, that is up to our programmers and artists once we obtain a Wii dev-kit. Nintendo tries (with Wii ) to make the access to this industry for young developers as easy and simple as possible. In what way do you benefit from this strategy? Greg Szemiot: Our relationship with Nintendo has been great so far, they have expressed great interest in our titles, are constantly in contact with us, and in general are a great group to work with. I mean, we're still very early in development, working on the prototype version on PC, and it is obvious they are willing to help us when the time comes or us to shift to Wii. How is the search for a publisher going on? Have you already found one and thus have access to Wii-SDKs? Greg Szemiot: We have had a lot of interest from publishers, we have been in a lot of negotiations, and we are still in talks with many of them on a title by title basis. The Wii-SDK is getting closer, but we don't have it yet. By looking around on your website, one can notice that you have a very close connection to your fans, for exapmle via the message boards. What does your community mean to you? Are there changes supposed to be made? A lot of publishers are giving strict guidelines concerning the providing of information to fans. Greg Szemiot: I think our fans will agree with this statement, we don't give away a lot of information. Our forums are there for fans to talk to each other, theorize about storylines, take part of CSE contests, and so on. For instance, we asked for fans to give us weapons for Orb that would be on shop walls, or in cutscenes and such, we picked the best, and they will be in the game once our artists polish them up. During Nintendo´s E3 media briefing, two new features of the Wii have been revealed. The built-in speaker as well as WiiConnect24. In which way do you want to make use of Wii´s special possibilities while developing your games and what do you think about the two new features? Greg Szemiot: The speaker caught us of guard a little, not a lot, as it does make sense, and we will be using it in Orb for magic and such, and in Thorn for item interaction and other aspects of the game world. WiiConnect24 is planned to be used for all of our games as a way to expand the game universe as time goes by, meaning more NPCs, areas, etc. Before we say goodbye, is there anything you really want to tell us that hasn´t been asked yet? Greg Szemiot: Well, it was a pleasure to answer your questions, and I think gamers will be very excited over the next few months as more info, art, screens etc. is released. Ah another good interview. Glad to see that they want to incorporate the speaker and WiiConnect24 which are really good new things that the Wii has. Can't wait for their 3 titles and hope they find a publisher cause they have extremely good ideas. Source Zucas


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very happy to see them backing the wii with already 3 games known so far and i'm really glad they have decided to use the speaker and especially wiiconnect 24, awesome interview and really looking forward to their games hope they don't dissapoint

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