Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Crash Bandicoot Jumps Onto Wii

The very Crash Bandicoot series is going to start off it's next gen appearance. And what better console than the Nintendo Wii. The report states that the series has found a "new home" on the Nintendo Wii and will grace the console sometime in 2007. Vivendi although wouln't discuss specifics on how the game will work with the Wii controller or what kinda game it wil be. Although the game is not known as if it will be a racer or a party or a platformer game Vivendi has said the party style game would work great with the Wii controller which may be hinting at that. He has said definetly it will come to the Wii but whether or not it will be a Wii exclusive is undecided. Personally I can't wait for this game with the Wiimote. I've been a good fan of the Crash series and glad that it's finally going to grace a Nintenod console better than it ever has. Can't wait to see the new controls and the new next gen look the game will get. More on this game hopefully soon. Crash Bandicoot Wii Zucas


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