Friday, July 21, 2006

Clubhouse Games Details

The Touch Generation is continously expanding on the DS and getting more and more respect because of it. The next line in that series is Clubhouse Games. It has 42 game classics that we all know and love. The big thing about it is that this game is Wi-Fi capable and you can play all those games against your friends over US and Europe. 42 All-Time Classics brings all the best-loved board, table and pub games to Nintendo DS for anyone to play; with simple touch screen control and a multiplayer mode that pits your skills against players across the world! With no boards to set up or cards to deal out, you can get straight into the action in seconds and play more than 40 gaming favourites - from draughts to darts, poker to bridge, and backgammon to billiards - with simple touch screen control. You can play solo or challenge up to seven friends by sharing one game card. And if you don’t have anyone to play with, simply log on to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and find opponents across Europe or in the US. You can even chat to each other, PictoChat-style, while you play! •Includes 42 classic games such as chess, draughts, darts, poker, backgammon, bridge, billiards and bowling •All games are easy to play with touch screen and stylus control •Beginners can refer to the rules at the push of a button •Various difficulty levels give experts an added challenge •Challenge up to seven friends locally via Multi-Card Play or DS Download Play •Play against up to seven opponents across Europe and in the US via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection •Part of the Touch! Generations range of unique Nintendo DS titles Wow sounds great. I may have to pick this game up cause just of the Wi-Fi connection. Sounds like a good buy for any DS owners. Another good game for the DS. Although simple and just a pile of games that we all know it's just that intrigues us. And the online functions makes it all the better. This game is scheduled to release October 9, 2006. Zucas


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