Friday, July 28, 2006

Another Red Steel Update

Good lord Ubisoft and especially the Red Steel team have been working overtime these last few days. Red Steel press releases and info. Well now the Red Steel blog staff have talked about the graphical updates. And to everyone's excitement have even given pics of their progress thus far from E3. A guy named Stephane is the one talking about the graphic improvements. Ah the French are weird but love the dude for this info: Hello everyone! This is Stephane, the Bachelor from the Red Steel team. I’m here today to let you know a bit more about the improvements and new graphic directions we have made since E3. In May, the graphics of the E3 demo were a work in progress. Remember, we are working on a console that is also currently in development. The console's calendar therefore conditions our own calendar. We received the Wii kit one month prior E3. It was just too short to implement the style we had in mind in the E3 version at that time. Also E3 was a major work step for us, as it was the first time we could see people on a grand scale playing the Wii games and especially Red Steel. It was indeed very rich in terms of feedback! Now, we're working on developing our unique style specific to Red Steel – one that will not only be a great support to the scenario and the gameplay, but also be the visual identity and signature for this new game. We also keep working a lot on the impact of the graphics and on the way the player plays as well. To tell you, in few words, more about this style, I would say that it is visually really representative of a cultural shock of a US guy arriving in Japan. I mean, we focused a lot on all the differences that make a Japanese environment unique through occidental eyes. Also 70s' "film noirs" are another source of inspiration. It sticks well to our scenario and the gangster and mafia atmosphere you’ll discover while playing Red Steel. So, this style is one of our big focuses, among many other ones, since we couldn’t make it for E3. We’ve reworked the lighting system, improve textures and added even more breakable elements. I’m happy let you have today a first look! Ah very interesting. So the game is starting to progress a lot graphically. His info about receiving the dev kits about a month before E3 fits Falfelkid's story so now I believe what he said but that's another story. Anyways glad to see them making graphical updates from E3 cause as he said E3 was about the gameplay not the graphics. But just as a token he gave us all a first look at their hardwork from E3 to now to show us the graphical progress with 2 pics: Screenshot #1 Screenshot #2 Ah really really beautiful. That is a huge step up from the E3 versions as for one the AI don't look like cutouts and the lighting looks great. And in the second one even has particle effects. And this isn't even the final build so even more to come. Though I don't think this game was ever supposed to be this stunningly good looking photorealistic game as he explained with the style but still looks quite impressive for a launch game. Gamecube graphics my ass I say haha. If anymore on Red Steel today I might explode but let's hope for more anyways. Source Zucas


Blogger irishwretler said...

ahhhhhhhhhh i can't wait for this game it sounds so good, i wish the wii would recieve more third party exclusive titles like this that will hopefully be really good

7/29/2006 04:21:00 PM  

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