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Paradise Exclusive: The Mysteries Behind Zoonami and Guts N Glory

Over time many things have happened. Game have come and gone. Games that were good and that were bad. But every game that came to pass you were familiar with in the style and gameplay. But what if all of that is about to change. How about a new genre we’ve not experienced. That genre is intense action and to be started by Guts N Glory. Now yall are all probably thinking, “This game ain’t real. Zucas is just pulling our leg." Well I’m not here to tell you it’s real I’m here to prove to you by analysis of all we’ve been given of how real this game can be.

Let’s start with the beginning of the rumors. It all started with this leaked interview with Mr. Martin Hollis, the man behind Zoonami. Many of you know him as the Rare God but those days are over. For he is now with Zoonami. Check out this rumored/leaked interview that started the rumors: GameSpy: In the few past interviews that you have done you spoke very boldly about graphical realism to not be the only flag we reach for in terms of game development. Has this changed or do you have the same views now as you did at Rareware? Martin Hollis: No I definitely don’t think this has changed in the least. I really wanted at least for this title for the graphics to be 100% photo realistic with completely realistic physics…no exaggerations. But in the end you know I really hope that once we attain that much wanted level of realism we can then break it down and really start to be creative without always trying to be the first developer to reach 100% photo realism. GameSpy: Do you think that Guts N’ Glory has achieved this goal and do you think you are the first to do it and reach this level? Martin Hollis: That’s really hard to say because I haven’t seen every single developers titles to judge that. But I can say that EA’s Fight Night Round 3 is about a half generation behind our title in terms of strictly physical realism. GameSpy: That’s a pretty bold statement. Do you think the finished product will support that statement? Martin Hollis: Oh, most definitely even more so in the finished version. Which we are hoping to release in January 2007. Given the technical abilities of the Nintendo console which I will not go into at this time are more than capable of achieving this. GameSpy: Everyone is drooling after speculation and rumor after rumor about the Revolution. But now that we know about the controller can you clarify what some of its other controller features are or on any technical aspects of the system, or at the very least can you squash any rumors. Martin Hollis: Right now I cannot comment on anything about Nintendo’s next home console or its controller features that haven‘t been announced yet. I am bound by NDA as are a lot of others but I will say this. If Sony and Microsoft both want to stay in this race they really need to differentiate themselves from one another or eventually one of them is bound to go away. As for the controller features that Nintendo has announced they all will be incorporated in some way or fashion. Our goal was for it to not be anything comparable to a gimmick but to make these features truly a next-generation way of playing and interacting with the game. GameSpy: Lets talk about the controller features that have been announced thus far. What are your thoughts on them and how will they “Revolutionize” gaming? Martin Hollis: A lot of people (mostly in the press) seem to not completely understand the true potential of this controller. It is capable of everything that the GameCube controller is capable of and much more. It will Revolutionize gaming in the sense that not only is it going to revolutionize the way we play games and really push the industry forward as a whole. But also gives the user the ability to choose how they want to control games or characters. Now, keep in mind that this is all word of mouth and you didn’t hear this from me. But the word is that you may be able to view most if not all past Nintendo games on the virtual console in true next-generation graphics and sound…as well as online. You may also be able to implement many different art styles into old games. As well as import and export in-game models and game engines. I have also heard that Nintendo may be working on a way to mesh certain source codes so you can mix and match all kinds of different things. But of course this is just speculation and word of mouth. So I won’t make any promises to these features just be prepared to expect the unexpected. GameSpy: There are many rumors that Nintendo has been working on a new way to render amazingly lifelike graphics without actually rendering anything using new graphics technology. Are there any truth to any of these rumors and what can we look forward to? Martin Hollis: Well…(smiles) I really can’t go too much into any of that kind of stuff. Nintendo has almost been overkill about not letting any screenshots or trailers leaked to the press. But as to what you are referring to like NURBS or depth-mapped cube maps or the spec of the technology, Nintendo will make those announcements along side our trailer at E3 06’. Just be ready to be completely shocked…I can guarantee that the smokescreen will be blown away come next E3. Now the link I had to this doesn’t work anymore and can’t provide one but I think I would know of a few people who knew about this previously. Now many may have noticed everything he has said has not happened yet. But also everything he touched up on hasn’t been touched up on by Nintendo either. Now many are probably thinking that trailer was to be shown at E3 but never was. Well this could be for many reasons. Maybe it was taken off cause obviously this game would show off the great hardware and as I explained early Nintendo may be keeping secret “revolutionary” hardware. And plus Nintendo is known pulling things last minute. So as you’ve seen the name has entered the scene. Now many months have passed and people have come to see many rumors about this. One rumor even being that the game would have online battles up to 200,000 people in one battle. But none of these are legit. None of these til one that may have hit the game right on the nose. I’m hear to show you how a certain rumor might have done that. And that being the Russian Guts N Glory rumor. In this rumor it explains the basic plot and setting of Guts N Glory. I’ll go over these certain things and in the analysis try to connect them. The game is supposed to be set in cold-war Russia during the time when KGB were there. You are playing as a charcter name Vigo Segorfsky and you are a KGB spy. You were previously retired but have jumped back in the game and are working for mother Russia. But something is different about Vigo. In the game you not only play as Vigo but for the first time ever you are Vigo. Now you probably thinks that sounds crazy but you must understand. In no game have you ever played have you ever felt a connection to the character. You’ve never really known anything about him. Well in this game you will feel all the emotions he feels cause everything you do in the game directly affects your character. If you smoke a cigarette and you do it frequently then sooner or later it may come back to give you cancer. For ever action there is a reaction and no other game but this one focuses on that. For this reason and another one it earns the genre intense action. This game is said to have 98%-100% realism and to get an AO rating. STOP. That last sentence is probably ringing in your head How could this be pulled off. Well we’ll go over that. Now that I’ve introduced you a little bit to Guts N Glory let’s go over all the info we have and try to connect. So as most great essays go let’s start from the beginning. We think the Guts N Glory started in that Martin Hollis interview but actually Guts N Glory started 7 years ago. The game is said to be in production for 7 years. I’ll also tell you how that coincides. Now the first Zoonami rumblings started when this game, Game Zero was first announced. It was said to be co made with Nintendo and a science fiction game. Now your wondering what does this has to do with Guts N Glory. Well actually it does as this is the first proof showing that Nintendo and Zoonami have been working together and also shows that they’ve been doing it probably since Martin Hollis worked at Nintendo’s technology department when he could have easily been learning about the next generation system, which is not the GC. Now to further show working with Nintendo and long term projects check out this IGN interview with Mr. Hollis. If you go to pg.2 and scroll to the question about Game Zero he clearly states that he has a few long term projects in. So maybe other than Guts N Glory he may have another project in. This also confirms that he has a next gen project in works. Also he says he doesn’t want to reveal the game for competive reasons. Why wouldn’t he want to do that unless he really has something special in the works. Finally if you look at the last question he states how strong of a relationship he has with Nintendo and clearly says yes to being a Nintendo second party. So this shows that he is working on a few long term projects along with Nintendo themselves for Nintendo’s next gen console. So out of that we learn that Zoonami is working with Nintendo and will have a project for Revo. So how do we know if it is Guts N Glory. Well I think all the info about Guts N Glory has been sitting right under our noses in the entire time. I will now redirect you to Zoonami’s Official Site to continue. Now first thing you see when opening the site. You see a red telephone that looks old fashion. And even more noteable the old gun and lamp. This is not a present day scene or futuristic. And because there is a telephone this is not ancient either. This setting is somewhere in the mid 1900’s. Somewhere right around the cold war. Now your thinking well maybe it does look 1950’s ish but how do we know that this has to do anything with Russia or for that matter the KGB? Well remember I said the info was right under our noses, well I was being serious. Look at the home page and you see some words. These words are as follows: “There are five kinds of spies. When all are used, and no one knows there way, it is called the Divine Orginization, and is the Ruler’s Treasure.“ Ok first let’s look at the obvious. It mentions spies. The game is about spies and the suitcase on the desk and the gun kinda further implement spy. But there is something more important about that quote. This quote is just no a made up quote yet one used from a famous writer. This quote was taken from that writer and used here in a few different words. And that writer is Sun Tzu from China. This quote comes from his book from B.C times called “The Art of War”. If you scroll down to the very last section you will see it labeled spies. And you will see that same quote used but just in different context in words. Now you are wondering so what. Maybe the guys at Zoonami just like that kinda stuff. Well once again there is more to this. I’m about to relate the backgrounds of Zoonami’s site and whole design and thought to the Russian KGB. First of all “The Art of War” isn’t just a good book but it is a political one. And more importantly Russians knew about it. Sun Tzu wrote this book in about in the 500’s B.C. but what it said lasted forever. As everything the Russians did during the time of the 1900’s to the end of the Cold War was based off the writings of Sun Tzu and a fellow named Clausewitz. Both men provided political thought that was used in Russian strategy. And this Russian strategy was used in the KGB. For more on the Russian strategy Click Here . So I have just related the title page of Zoonami to being Cold War Russian and dealing with the KGB. Does this mean they are working on a project like that. I would say yes unless they just like the KGB. On a funny note it’s ironic they would make a game about Russian KGB considering they are German based company. Well maybe only I find that ironic but whatev. So let’s look a little further into the site. Let’s click on the ones called projects. There are 3 projects. Don’t click on the projects cause it will show confidential. No info in there. Notice how they all start with a Z that stands for Zoonami. Then they are followed by a # and then a P which stands for project then another letter. Now I know there is something hidden about these numbers but never been able to find anything. But I will say that the last project down has the numbers 2007. Maybe possible release date. Who knows. I’ll let yall go over this. Notice how the whole website is based of Russian spies concept. Exactly how our game will be. So now back to the whole 98%-100% physics realism and the AO rating. Well not knowing the Revo/Wii hardware would be hard to tell if physics like this can be generated. But if the Revo does have a PPU then maybe we’ll be in for a surprise. Now as the AO rating everyone is saying there is no way Nintendo will let an AO game on there system. But Nintendo has vouched to support all games and all gamers and if they don’t support the AO ones then that would be against there strategy. Personally I don’t think the game will get an AO rating but we’ll see when ESRB has seen it. Now I could probably dig up the rest of Zoonami’s site and find more proof but I think you got the general message. I’ve linked Zoonami to be making a game(s) for the Revo/Wii and will be made along with Nintendo and linked it to have been in production for a long time as the rumor states. I’ve also linked Zoonami to have an interest in the Russian KGB during the Cold War which is the whole basis of our game.


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