Sunday, April 23, 2006

Xbox 360 Rumors

For all you Xbox lovers out there you are in for some really good news or should i say rumors. Rumors 1) The cost for the Xbox 360 core system will be dropping to $199 setting the premium version to $299. This is a $100 dollar price drop! 2) Gears of War is set to release the last week of October. 3) Halo 3 is set to release in March of 2007 4) Kameo is set to release a sequel backed by a Xbox 360 version of GTA. 5) A 100GB hard drive will be able to be purchased but it wont replace the 20GB hard drive that comes with the 360. 6) The price of Xbox Live is set to drop or become absolutely free for the price of viewing advertisements. 7) Microsoft is currently working on expanding he friends list to 200 people. 8) MAME "You've heard of MAME right? Right. We're just doing a legal version of MAME, meaning that all the game owners get paid and the users get quality product based around a community. Imagine the biggest arcade in the world, just 1,000 times bigger. It'll have as many machines as we can possibly get, all with score-rankings and other community stuff. It's not a secret that MAME was massive for hackers of the original Xbox and the pull and sales of retro game packs on current machines is still really high. If this is taken and put under the right noses, it should become the biggest thing in mainstream/hardcore gamer crossover in the industry." These are just rumors. Some may be true and other may not -Zero


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