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Red Steel: 1st Revolution Game with Screens

YAY!!!!!!!!!! OH it's about time to finally see revo screens. Wow this is just great. Ok so in the next Game Informer Issue they have a game preview and it is called Red Steel. It is the Ubisoft Paris exclusive game mentioned way back when. Well they are doing an 11 page preview of the game and the best part is is comes with pictures. And all the pics are in game screens. So we actually get game screens for revo games before E3. This is just great. Here is a few of the pics.

Also in the preview it talks a little about the Revo plan and the game. Check out some of the details:

“at their best , video games are about immersion . players shouldnt feel like they are observing the action onscreen, they should be figuratively transported into a different world.

Your avitar’s life should become your life , and its adventures should be your adventure. the controller in a player’s hands should transcend its role as a mere interface device; it should become the weapon that you see onscreen .most games try to push immersion with better graphics, more intense action , or overwhelming sound. but one upcoming console is doing something different , trying a new way to make that controller in your hand become something more. that console is the nintendo revolution.

with the unveiling of the revolution’s motion based controller, most gamers envisioned the kaleidoscope of unique ideas that nintendo would use it for. but while the gaming public was preoccupied with demos of cooking and fishing games, one developer asked itself the question of how the revolution could be used to take a familiar genre to the next level.this company wanted to figure out how to use its unique controller not to develop an entirely new type of game, but to elevate an already-popular style. that company is ubisoft, and the answer to its self-imposed challenge is the revolution launch title known as red steel.

it is highly unusual for a company like nintendo to allow the axclusive first look at one of its consoles through a 3rd party game like red steel.but as it turns out , nintendo has been closely involved in the development of this game, and has great confidence that it is a perfect way to introduce the world to revolution . developed by ubisoft paris , one of the publishers oldest and most experienced teams , red steel is a mixture of old and new: a fps that that uses the revolutions controller for aiming - and much more. while nintendo obviously has several games in development for the revolution launch , the company simply doesnt make games like red steel , so letting a respected publisher like ubisoft introduce the revolution through an easy -to - understand game type allows both companies to demonstrate what they do best ..”

Also here is where they talk about the gameplay, characters, and setup:

Also worth noting, this game is not an on-rails shooter. It is a fully 3d FPS game. A quote from the article…‘the longer we played with it the more natural if felt, and the more quickly we mowed down the targets. strafing around the targets is incredibly easy, as keeping the controller pointed at the object, while you move around with the analog stick keeps you focused on the target. aim felt similar to using a computer mouse, as it is possible to quickly explore every direction in a three dimension space with quick gestures.’

“In many situations, there will be a higher-ranking enemy who commands the others in the area. By defeating him, and sparing his life, he will offer you his respect, and help. The enemies will surrender their guns, and the boss may offer you a new weapon, a special path, or another reward. Any time you spare an enemy, you will be rewarded. As it always takes more skill to spare a life, than to take it”

“Although the majority of Red Steel’s gameplay will stress ranged combat, there will be times you need to get up close, and personal. You can switch to the sword at any time, and if you can get close enough to an enemy, you can use it for one-hit stealth kills. In other moments you’ll find yourself locked into intense one-one sword duels.” Not to assign any personality to the main character. You are the hero in Red Steel and this is your adventure. The only backstory to the protagonist is that he is an american male who is engaged to a Japanese American woman name Myu. On thenight that you are supposed to meet Myu’s father for the first time, she is kidnapped from the posh Los Angeleles restaurant you’re dining in. You quickly learn that her father is a Yakuza boss named Sato, who is in possesion of an important ceremonialkatana. A younger, more ruthless Yakuza faction led by a man called Tokal attempted to steal the sword from Sato to shift the balance of power within the organization. Sato thwarted the attempt to steal the sword, but was mortally wounded in the attack.Tokal’s men kidnap Myu in response, hoping to trade her life for the sword. But Sato refuses to hand over the sword to Toakl, instead giving it to you, with the instructions to use it to find his daughter. Sato dies soon after diving you the sword, leaving you all alone and untrained against Tokal’s men. Armed with the katana and a selection of firearms, you myst follow Myu to Japan and defeat Tokal, but first you must gain the skills necessary to confront him.

According to — the first third of the game will be more brutal by necessity. When you are first learning to use the Revolution controller, you will be less precise and — (blurry and cuts off)

A series of headshots, it is often more beneficial to take a non-lethal shot, such as shooting a gun out of an enemy’s hands. I mnay situtations, there wil be a higher-ranking enemy who commands the others in the area. By defeating him and sparinghis life, he will offer you his respect and help. The enemies he commands will surrender their guns and the boss may offer you a new weapon, a special path through the level, or other reward. Any time you spare an enemy, you will be it always takes more skill to spare a life than to take it.

Freeze (may not be freeze) shot adds a lot of dpeth to the gunplay and is a natural fit for the Revolution controller,but isn’t the only way that Red Steel adds spice to the combat. After all, why would you carry a sword through a game if you couldn’t use it? Although the majority of Red Steel’s gameplay will stress ranged combat, there will be times you need to get upclose and personal. You can switch to the sword at any time, and if you can get close enougn toan enemy, you can use it for on-hit stealth kills. In other moments, you’ll find yourself locked into intense one-on-one sword duels. Any time you take onan enemy with a sword of his own, you’ll need to take yours out right away, or his blade will make short work of you. Swinging the Revolution controller in front of you, you will see the sword onscreen(cut off)

That is all what was directly said in about the game. The game sounds like it has a solid storyline and the first we've really heard about any revo game. Also in the pics it tells you how the game will work with the revremote and in the description also. Some of the ways it works is really cool. The revremote will work so well in this cause it will be like you are really holding the gun. Total realism. Just great.

Also for a system that is supposedly to have the power of an Xbox the graphics look damn good. Look better than any Xbox game I've seen. I mean and this is just a pic of a scan in a book. I mean it looks way better than what you see. This proves that the revo will produce amazing graphical games even though it has been said otherwise. Now with that said the revremote can finally get the credit it really deserves as this game shows off how it works best in the FPS genre. And soon the revremote will prove why you will never want to use a regular controller to ever play this genre again.

I would like to think the guys at Gonintendo who got the pics and info so I could neatly put it on this site. Thanks guys.

So many good things to come to the revo. Also I heard something else about more game screens in the Game Informer in which this game is found in so another positive. So keep a lookout for more things like this. It's going to be quite a buildup before the final bomb at E3. To all a good day and good day to all.



Blogger Journey said...

wow... this is amazing!

4/08/2006 09:01:00 AM  
Blogger ODDBALL said...

You guys can't really say thats what the Revolution is going to be like....just wait until it comes out...then post.....but what do I's not my blog....

4/12/2006 11:01:00 AM  
Blogger SUPRAMAN84 said...

Looks sweet, can't wait to pick it up.

4/15/2006 01:16:00 PM  
Blogger ODDBALL said...

Revolution is going to pwn!

4/20/2006 02:56:00 PM  
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