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Paradise Exclusive: Thoughts From a Nintendo Fan: The Real Wii and Revolution

Above the long title this is an exclusive to the Paradise. Yay. Now this is all what I think along with someone elses thoughts who beat me too the punch. But I'm here to go over the recent Wii announcement and what is really happening. Let's begin. Now as everyone knows the codenamed "Nintendo Revolution" has been around for almost a year now and that is what everyone was used to it being. But unluckily Nintendo said that our beloved name would change and we thought nothing of it. Well yesterday that fear came to life as the Nintendo Revolution soon became known officially as the Nintendo Wii. Wii which is supposed to mean we is supposed to mean that the system is all inclusive and everyone should play it. Also the ii is showing off the revmotes. Yes revmotes. They are not wiimotes cause wiimotes are not what they are. They are revolutionary remotes and controllers. Don't call it anything else. Now as the world heard of this news many were in shock. I was one of those people. Many were making practical jokes about the name. And many were already starting to hate the new name with a passion. And then you had your select few of people who liked it. But overall 80% of the people who heard about the name where either in shock or in great hatred of this name. So why all the hatred. I mean it is just a silly little name. No weirder or cornyier than the Playstation or Xbox names. Why so much hatred. Well there are many reasons. One the name we once new and loved, Revolution, has been taken a way from us and now we have to start all over on a name we are not use to sounding or spelling. Also it is a very odd name and for westerners we don't have a large toleration of foreign names and ideas like that. So after all this hatred and dislike and shock over the name we look to Nintendo and say what the hell they are doing. They had a great opportunity to take the market and could just throw it all away cause of a name. Now don't get me wrong. A name will not make a console bad. That is impossible. But too every buyer that is new the appearance says all. So seeing the first thing on the console is Wii that would be a large turnoff to a lot cause it's appearance is not as inviting cause the oddness of it. Also the pronunciation might turn off some older gamers. So Nintendo's whole philosophy of making everything user friendly so that all could want to play the "Revolution" was thrown away with an uninviting name on the box. Nintendo has stated over and over how the oddness of it all will get more people in and that the name is very inviting. Well I'm here to tell you that that is probably not true. The name is confusing. When they first see it they will not know how to pronounce it and that is already strike one. It is not a worldly thing that all can understand, especially Americans. Now don't get me wrong on any of this. I love the "Revolution" and I could care less if it is being renamed the Wii. And I also don't think that it could kill Nintendo and really take it out of the race. But I do believe that Wii is something esle. I do believe that it could turn off a lot of new buyers. It won't take them all out but it will take some out. And that isn't good. So I've basically stated my full opinion on the new name. And even if Nintendo does stick with Wii it won't affect too much but it would definetly take out a lot of new and casual gamers that might wanted to jump in. In my opinion of course. But that isn't what I'm here to talk about. I'm here to start something else. I've seen everything about this and everything about it is wrong. Something isn't right at all about this name announcement. Something is just terribly wrong. I'm here to go over what's wrong and what will happen. Now what's wrong is a lot of things. First of all it is 12 days before E3 2006. Nintendo has built up all this hype over revealing their whole console fully. One of those bit things is the name. Yet 12 days before Nintendo decides to pull a really big portion of that out of E3 and put it out 12 days before E3 starts. Something is wrong there. Now what could be wrong with that. Alot of things. First of all why do that. E3 is the biggest public event in gaming. It is the one event that will get off the internet discussion and into a lot more things that all new people can see and everything. yet Nintendo takes one of it's biggest secrets away from all of that spotlight. Why would they do that. It makes no sense. Nintendo says that they did it cause they knew that Wii would be odd and that wanted to give some people some time to let it soak in. That is ludacris. That is the most bullshit thing I've ever heard. That would have been like showing the revremote off a week before TGS 2005 so people would accept it a little more. So what is really going on here. We'll get to that later. The next thing wrong is the advertisement for it. You decide to release one of the biggest secrets of your next gen console and you sum it up in a cheaply made video and logo. What is up with that. There is no sense in that. Why waste something so big on a cheaply made video. So there are many more wrongs but those are the important ones. You sum all of that up and you got a giant conspiracy. Why would they take a way a secret away from the biggest public even in the gaming world? Why is Nintendo not confident in their new name? Why is Nintendo not fully advertising their new name. Why is Nintendo not willing to share with us other names that didn't make the cut if this name is for sure and final? Why secrecy for those unused names? Why? Why? Why? Well I may have the answer. Let us take all the wrongs and combine them. So basically why would Nintendo delay the secret of the name to have cheap advertising for it? And why are they not sharing the new names and not confident with the name they picked? Well here is the answer. What if Nintendo is fooling us? What if Nintendo is hyping us up? What if this is all some ploy to get Nintendo in the news before E3. Well this ploy is what I think it is. Now I know that some other guys have come up with this and posted their thoughts earlier but we just had similar thoughts. I did not copy those thoughts. So let's go over it. What if Nintendo decided to release a fake name 12 days before E3. They would then play it off as the real name. But the name they wanted to come up with is the worst name possible. This way that people will just literally hate it. So then will come E3 and they'll make their speech and totally blow us away by making announcing the real name and discarding Wii. Not only would this make people love Nintendo so much for getting rid of that other name it would also get Nintendo giant news. And not only that it would be one of the best marketing tools ever used. So if they used the fake name just to hype people more up at E3 this would just be plain genius. This would also explain why Nintendo doesn't want to advertise the Wii stuff too fully so it doesn't get to widespread. And that's why they did it before E3 so it wouldn't get as much attention. This would explain the cheap advertising. It would explain the harshness when asked if the name is a fake. This would explain the lack of confidence that Nintendo had in their name that they supposedly love. This would explain why the won't reveal the other "failed" names. This idea makes so much sense it sounds "real". This is what I and many others have been thinking. Basically one of the greatest marketing ploys ever used. Here is what the other dude said if you won't to get a better idea: Idea in Other View Now also if that one is a little to extreme I have another idea that I solely came up with. So what if Nintendo decided to choose a name they liked and put it out 12 days before E3. They wouldn't advertise as well but get to a general game and developer public. Basically just to see what was thought of the name. They would say this is the real name and everthing. But if they got bad gamer and developer responses from it they would change it at E3 to another name. This would also answer all of those same questions. So both make sense. Right now those make more sense than anything Nintendo has done over the last 2 days. Now I'm not saying, once again, that Wii is at all a bad name or will totally destroy the whole idea of the Revolution. I mean this might actually be the real final name. But I'm just showing you how odd the whole coming up of it is and how this could be a ploy. But if it stays Wii trust me I'll be one of the first buyers to get it. But as of now you will hear me refer to the Wii as the revo cause right now I will take Wii as simple speculation cause until E3 it is not fact yet. I'll wait for E3 to find out if it is real or a marketing ploy. So Revolution stays in our hearts as Wii starts to come upon us. Still Wii need a Revolution so don't let the name deceive you. I hope you enjoyed my insight cause I enjoysed sharing it. Please do leave comments on what you think. Thanks Zucas


Blogger Daledude said...

Your the first person I've heard this from and I think you may be right. It would be a brilliant idea for Nintendo to do that. Definite possibility.

What I want to know is whether or not Nintendo has ever done a marketing ploy like this before. This seems more like M$'s odd way off hyping systems and maybe Nintendo is just trying some new stuff. Who knows, but the cheap video is defintetly a good sign. When the Rev. was first unveiled at E3, the teaser video showed that a lot of effort was put into it. The second video should've been even better right? Thats what everyone was thinking, but all we got was Wii. One more reason I'm looking forward to E3.

4/28/2006 07:29:00 PM  

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