Sunday, April 23, 2006

Nintendo Rumors

Well to follow up on Zero's 360 rumors I'll post some recent Nintendo rumors. I found these over at Gonintendo. -DS Lite released in Europe June 9 or June 16. -A remake of Soul Blade for the DS-Soul Calibur 4 annonced for all next-gen consoles -A remake of Tomb Raider 1 for the DS -Tomb Raider for Revolution -Nights into Dreams 2 for Revolution is 65% complete -Revolution to be released in June in Japan -Released in America in September and October in Europe -Ikarus(Kid Ikarus 2) developed by Retro Studios -Star Fox Lylatt Wars for revolution -A Japanese only racer -Fight Night 2 uses two revcon to box -Burnout Revenge for Revolution -A new edition of the musical game ‘Samba de Amigo’ originally sent for Dreamcast. Uses two revcon as drum sticks -35 Development kits have been sent to Take Two/Rockstar London. The game is unknown but it is believed to be a portable GTA. -Ubi soft has 9 titles in the furnace. In addition, it completely seems confirmed the appearance of Prince Of Persia in Revolution. -Super Smash Bros Revolution to be subtitled either “Mayhem” ot “Total Chaos” -Possible new edition of Counter Strike for Revolution -The aspect of the twilight Princess has changed excessively, and we could be surprised when we see the new images in the E3. -Pikim 3 is 100% complete -Midway has three titles on the way. One being”incredible” -Several Sega System games will be available on VC -Capcom will have 2 titles in the E3 of a form or another one. Now some of these seem real and some just seem like BS. But I'll go over them. Now the DS Lite being released in June is very possible. That seems accurate. And Soul Blade coming to the DS. Really couldn't say one way or another. Now Tomb Raiders coming to the DS and Revolution is quite possible especially with Eidos all of a sudden liking of Nintendo. And also a GC version of the latest Tomb Raider is already set for the GC. Now the sequel to the Nights game seems very possibly with Sega's love of Nintendo. And this seems very true from my standpoint. Now revo released in June in Japan I would think would be total bullshit as of now. I mean just not giving devs enough time to make the game. We don't want to pull a 360. Now revo coming out in September and October for America and Europe is very possible. Kid Icaras sequel being made by Retro Studios I would say is false. I'm going to stick with the old rumor of Capcom making it. Star Fox Lylat Wars is probably a false rumor. But what is true is that there is probably a Star Fox game coming to the Revolution but I would highly doubt that would be the name. A Japanese only racer; well really can't say much about that. Not enough detail. Now the Fight Night game using 2 revremotes is very possibly. That's how I would figure how it would work. And the good thing is that the revolution is rumored to sell with 2 revmotes in it so yea. Now Burnout Revenge coming to the Revolution may be. I mean EA might put it on the revo. But I would better think that Burnout 5 would make it's way to the revo instead. But let's hope for both. The new musical game seems like it could be. Would work great with the revo. Now with Take Two and Rockstar getting the dev kits is very possible. I've heard of a lot of rumblings of Rockstar being very excited about the revo. Now Ubisoft having 9 titles already for the revo seems a little whack but maybe. But POP coming to the revo seems inevitable so yah. Smash bros being called Mayhem or Total Chaos sounds great. But I'm still going to go with All Stars. Ok Counter Strike for the Revolution is where I'm undecided. Valve has said good things about the revolution and all but don't know if they would bring counter strike there. But I'm going to say this might be possibly just cause Counter Strike would work great with the revcon. I would have also assumed that TP would have looked much better by now. Trust me the GC is quite an amazing and efficient machine and can pull out some incredible graphics. And Pikmin 3 just seems inevitable. Now Midway having 3 titles seems right but the whole incredible thing makes me seem kinda fishy. But that just got me curious. But whatev you want to think about that one. And I would assume a lot of Sega games would be on the Virtual Console but it sounds like more systems will be involved other than the Genesis. We might even see Dreamcast on there or better yet the Master System. And Capcom having titles on the Revo is once again inevitable. Wonder what they are though. So yah I believe a lot of these could be true. Just not so much on the release dates yet. Hope you enjoyed that. Source: Zucas


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"The aspect of the twilight Princess has changed excessively, and we could be surprised when we see the new images in the E3."
Sounds like the Wind Waker thing... (lol)

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