Friday, April 21, 2006

My Revolutionary Wishlist

Recently IGN went on to put out a list of what titles or other things where on their Revolution wishlist. They picked some interesting ones. Here is what they picked: Mark Bozon Duck Hunt Revolution Wireless Nunchuck Controller DS Interaction Arcade Revival Boxing Star Wars Collectors Controllers Budget Game Series No Region Lock New Retro Matt Cassamania Hard-Drive Support Progressive Scan,16:9, and Dolby Digital Mandate The Return of Kid Icarus Legend of Zelda Fighter A Clean Organized Interface Something Shocking Now those are some good choices and everything. A few I would pick and a few I wouldn't. Now exclusively on A Gamer's Paradise I will follow what they did and give you what I want to see on my Revolution. And if some my colleagues won't to put theirs on feel free to put them on this post. Zucas Nintendo ON- With the controller and everything a visor would go great with the Revolution. The setup of the console would be perfect for it. So I would love to see this make the system. Burnout 5- My favorite racing series out there. Actually my only favorite racing series. I would just die if this didn't make the Revolution. But I can't wait to see how this would work with the revmote and with the addition of online can't wait to hit these up with my buddies. An Amazing Online- I love my Xlive that I have on my Xbox. But the only problem is there is a lack of good games for it. But with the Revolution having all the great Nintendo games I would just love to have a great online to fulfill those one. I mean I need voice chat, friend's list, downloadable content, and just something different from the rest. Something to make it truly extroardinary. You know not do what Sony did and just copy Xlive but take some of the good features and create a few of your own and make it something "Revolutionary". A "Real" Mario Game- I want a real Mario game that follows the storyline. I mean don't get me wrong I love all the spinoffs and sports stuff but I need another good Mario game. I need a followup of the legendary Mario 64. I need something to keep the story going cause I'm interested to see what happens in the Mario world. Come on Nintendo I know you've been working on one. You need to let us see it. Pokemon MMO- Now don't laugh. There are a lot of people that still love the Pokemong series. I'm a big fan of the console and handheld pokemon games. But the console games have been lacking. I need the handheld ones to come to the consoles. And the best way to do that is MMO. I would love if Nintendo could pull this one off. And at the same time also have a single player. Hope that ain't too much to ask for. But if this happens then god I will just go crazy. Well I have a whole lot more that I could put up here but those are the main ones. In the comments section how about you post what you want to see on your Revolution. Feel free and maybe we'll read them in our next podcast which is on its way, hopefully. Zucas


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