Sunday, April 30, 2006

Japanese Hardware and Software Sales for April 17-23

Well sales have for once had some movement for the first time in awhile. Quite surprising this time. Seriously it is. First as usual we'll go over the hardware sales. And in parthenses is how much it has sold in Japan for 2006 as a whole. DS Lite: 168,809 (996,546) PSP: 32,323 (641,722) PS2: 25,763 (529,978) GBM: 18,390 (81,068) GBASP: 11,044 (111,858) DS: 8,051 (783,875) 360: 3,990 (41,277) GCN: 1,106 (44,755) GBA: 58 (2,455) XBX: 16 (1,371) Woah what happened to the DS. It dropped to only 8,000 in sales. Wow what a difference. I guess regular DS production will start to see a downfall of product makings as the DS Lite takes over. But this was bound to happen sooner or later. But this is good as it shows that DS Lite production is starting to get steady which is always good. But as usual DS Lite is on top and PSP and PS2 follow. But look at the Micro taking a smooth 4 th place with the SP right behind. And 360 got a boost in sales. Wonder if it was that N3 game. Who knows. And GC behind it with GBA and Xbox putting up some poor sales. But geez Xbox only 16. It soon might fall to 1 digit numbers. Now that I would just have to laugh at but we'll see. Okay onto Software:

1. GBA Mother 3 205,914 2. PS2 DQ Yangus 127,502 3. PS2 FFXI Aht Urhgan expansion 75,983 4. DS More Brain Training 70,831 (1,957,633) 5. PSP Dragonball Z 70,559 6. PS2 Okami 60,161 7. DS Brain Training 48,493 (1,977,999) 8. DS Animal Crossing 42,994 (2,505,056) 9. DS Eigo zuke 39,757 (886,471) 10. DS Pokemon Ranger 31,640 (390,641)

Well Mother 3 earned it's righful spot in 1st for software. This was definetly the hot game released as GBA gets back on the boards with this one. And then a couple of PS2 games. And as usual we have our Brain Trainers, English Traing, and Animal Crossing up there. With a couple of more new PS2 games. And then we have our Pokemon games. So not much there but we did kick out Final Fantasy out of the top 10. But good lord the trainers and Animal Crossing have some staying power. Good god. Both Brain Trainers are on the verge of hiting 2 million while Animal Crossing just hit 2.5 million. All of that just in Japan. Geez. Well another wonderful week in Japan for sales. Stay in for next week. Zucas


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