Sunday, April 09, 2006

Japanese Hardware and Software Sales for March 27-April 2

Once again this week we have our lates hardware and software sales for the wonderful country of Japan. So let's cut the crap and jump right in to it. First hardware sales. A couple of surprises this week: Nintendo DS Lite - 149,371 Nintendo DS - 59,903 PS2 - 36,943 PSP - 33,301 Game Boy Advance SP - 6,732 X360 - 3,258 Game Boy Micro - 2,992 GameCube - 1,492 Game Boy Advance - 151 Xbox - 68 Well the surpise ain't the leaders. DS and DS lite combined for more than 200,000 units sold last week. And PS2 and PSP are way behind with second and third. But the big thing is that the X360 sold 3.2 thousand. Wow that is such an advancement. And they outsold the GC, their closest rival in Japan by a little less than 2 thousand lol. But another big thing is that the GBA original more than doubled the Xbox in sales. Wow. And just when we thought Xbox was catching up bam downgrade. Oh well poor Xbox. Now for Software sales: 1. 149,370 - Pro Soccer Club wo Tsukurou! Europe Championship (PS2) 2. 111,411 - Another Century's Episode 2 (PS2) 3. 86,206 - Brain Training 2 (DS) 4. 85,909 - Final Fantasy XII (PS2) 5. 83,244 - Pokemon Ranger: The Road to Diamond and Pearl (DS) 6. 79,563 - Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS) 7. 52,474 - Brain Training (DS) 8. 49,949 - English Training (DS) 9. 44,999 - Powerful Pro Baseball Portable (PSP) 10. 40,527 - Naruto Narutimate Hero Portable (PSP) Well once again a PS2 title takes the #1 whole and surpising another took #2. And then also you have your Brain training games. God how long has Brain Training 1 been on the top list. Geez. And then we have our Pokemon, English Training, and Animal Crossing to fill the rest of the DS games out. Then surprisinly we have 2 PSP games hitting up the last 2 slots. And in case anyone wants to know. Rumble Roses XX for the X360 got #17 on the charts and Over G for the X360 got #38. Those were the only X360 in the top 40 for last week. Well quite a good week once again for the DS and PS2. But not unusual. Stay tuned for next week's edition. Zucas


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things are starting to look a little better for the 360!

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