Friday, April 14, 2006

Crossbeam Talks Orb

Hey guys. Sorry for no post for awhile. Had a busy week but I'm back and got some good news. Crossbeam has done a preview for their new game coming to the Revolution called Orb. The preview is just great. The game sounds in credible. He talks about the storyline, the characters, the history, the weapons, the gameplay, ect. Crossbeam's Orb is coming around quite nicely. Here is a few of the quotes from the preview. "Orb – the developer’s baby – is an action-adventure game set in a huge fantasy world called Delphire. Long ago, the mercenary army of Kulon raged a deadly war with the good people of the land, killing all men, women and children that crossed their path. However, while that was long ago, the army is at it again. One of the Kulon’s most fierce warriors has crowned himself ruler and has forged a dangerous plot to kidnap one of the people’s “guardians of faith,” a member of the sect called Imanti." "The focus on these three characters and their storylines crisscrossing seems to be big. For instance, when playing as Mahten, gamers will certainly come into contact with both Dyces and Simique. When these characters are not interacting directly with each other, they will be in entirely different places in the world." "Further, there are only six weapons available throughout the entire adventure to each character. While this number seems quite low, Crossbeam assures us that players won’t get bored of their weapon quickly. This is because they can actually customize their weapon through magic and other means, with a result of 600 different variations." Well these are just a few quotes from it. For the entire preview: Also Crossbeam plans to release the game sometime in either late 2007 or early 2008. Quite awhile but I would say worth the wait. Crossbeam I believe is going to be a really good upstarting new game-making company. 3 new titles coming from them. I think they are going to become really big soon. Well more on Crossbeam as it comes. Zucas


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