Sunday, April 30, 2006

Battle For Middle Earth II 1st Console RTS to Work?

That's what IGN is shooting at. We all know as being console gamers that RTS's just don't work on the controller pad. I mean I don't even know if they would work on the revcon. But RTS's are just for the keyboard and mouse. But EA might be on to something. At IGN they got to play an hour demo of the game and they had nothing but good thoughts of the controls. Saying that they were one of the easiest but still deep to use. So maybe EA found a way. Check out the hands on preview of the X360 version of the game. Battle For Middle Earth II Sounds interesting. That would be great if EA found a way cause then we could start getting some more good RTS's on the consoles. So let's wait for E3 to hope this is true. Be sure to pick up Battle For Middle Earth II when it hits the stores in Summer 2006 for the X360. Zucas


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