Sunday, April 30, 2006

Battle For Middle Earth II 1st Console RTS to Work?

That's what IGN is shooting at. We all know as being console gamers that RTS's just don't work on the controller pad. I mean I don't even know if they would work on the revcon. But RTS's are just for the keyboard and mouse. But EA might be on to something. At IGN they got to play an hour demo of the game and they had nothing but good thoughts of the controls. Saying that they were one of the easiest but still deep to use. So maybe EA found a way. Check out the hands on preview of the X360 version of the game. Battle For Middle Earth II Sounds interesting. That would be great if EA found a way cause then we could start getting some more good RTS's on the consoles. So let's wait for E3 to hope this is true. Be sure to pick up Battle For Middle Earth II when it hits the stores in Summer 2006 for the X360. Zucas

Japanese Hardware and Software Sales for April 17-23

Well sales have for once had some movement for the first time in awhile. Quite surprising this time. Seriously it is. First as usual we'll go over the hardware sales. And in parthenses is how much it has sold in Japan for 2006 as a whole. DS Lite: 168,809 (996,546) PSP: 32,323 (641,722) PS2: 25,763 (529,978) GBM: 18,390 (81,068) GBASP: 11,044 (111,858) DS: 8,051 (783,875) 360: 3,990 (41,277) GCN: 1,106 (44,755) GBA: 58 (2,455) XBX: 16 (1,371) Woah what happened to the DS. It dropped to only 8,000 in sales. Wow what a difference. I guess regular DS production will start to see a downfall of product makings as the DS Lite takes over. But this was bound to happen sooner or later. But this is good as it shows that DS Lite production is starting to get steady which is always good. But as usual DS Lite is on top and PSP and PS2 follow. But look at the Micro taking a smooth 4 th place with the SP right behind. And 360 got a boost in sales. Wonder if it was that N3 game. Who knows. And GC behind it with GBA and Xbox putting up some poor sales. But geez Xbox only 16. It soon might fall to 1 digit numbers. Now that I would just have to laugh at but we'll see. Okay onto Software:

1. GBA Mother 3 205,914 2. PS2 DQ Yangus 127,502 3. PS2 FFXI Aht Urhgan expansion 75,983 4. DS More Brain Training 70,831 (1,957,633) 5. PSP Dragonball Z 70,559 6. PS2 Okami 60,161 7. DS Brain Training 48,493 (1,977,999) 8. DS Animal Crossing 42,994 (2,505,056) 9. DS Eigo zuke 39,757 (886,471) 10. DS Pokemon Ranger 31,640 (390,641)

Well Mother 3 earned it's righful spot in 1st for software. This was definetly the hot game released as GBA gets back on the boards with this one. And then a couple of PS2 games. And as usual we have our Brain Trainers, English Traing, and Animal Crossing up there. With a couple of more new PS2 games. And then we have our Pokemon games. So not much there but we did kick out Final Fantasy out of the top 10. But good lord the trainers and Animal Crossing have some staying power. Good god. Both Brain Trainers are on the verge of hiting 2 million while Animal Crossing just hit 2.5 million. All of that just in Japan. Geez. Well another wonderful week in Japan for sales. Stay in for next week. Zucas

Madden on the Revolution

Sorry for the long wait of post. But I wanted to make sure that last post was read. But onto Madden which was just announced for the Revolution. Also IGN has had an interview with EA Canada and given up a lot of details on the game and how it is so much more than a port thanks to the revmote. Madden Revo Also Mr. Schappert reveals something we haven't heard of. He says that the nunchuck attachment uses something called an accelerometer. So yay for that. There were rumors of the nunchuck attachment having motion sensing so I guess this kinda says that that was most likely true. Yay. Zucas

Friday, April 28, 2006

Paradise Exclusive: Thoughts From a Nintendo Fan: The Real Wii and Revolution

Above the long title this is an exclusive to the Paradise. Yay. Now this is all what I think along with someone elses thoughts who beat me too the punch. But I'm here to go over the recent Wii announcement and what is really happening. Let's begin. Now as everyone knows the codenamed "Nintendo Revolution" has been around for almost a year now and that is what everyone was used to it being. But unluckily Nintendo said that our beloved name would change and we thought nothing of it. Well yesterday that fear came to life as the Nintendo Revolution soon became known officially as the Nintendo Wii. Wii which is supposed to mean we is supposed to mean that the system is all inclusive and everyone should play it. Also the ii is showing off the revmotes. Yes revmotes. They are not wiimotes cause wiimotes are not what they are. They are revolutionary remotes and controllers. Don't call it anything else. Now as the world heard of this news many were in shock. I was one of those people. Many were making practical jokes about the name. And many were already starting to hate the new name with a passion. And then you had your select few of people who liked it. But overall 80% of the people who heard about the name where either in shock or in great hatred of this name. So why all the hatred. I mean it is just a silly little name. No weirder or cornyier than the Playstation or Xbox names. Why so much hatred. Well there are many reasons. One the name we once new and loved, Revolution, has been taken a way from us and now we have to start all over on a name we are not use to sounding or spelling. Also it is a very odd name and for westerners we don't have a large toleration of foreign names and ideas like that. So after all this hatred and dislike and shock over the name we look to Nintendo and say what the hell they are doing. They had a great opportunity to take the market and could just throw it all away cause of a name. Now don't get me wrong. A name will not make a console bad. That is impossible. But too every buyer that is new the appearance says all. So seeing the first thing on the console is Wii that would be a large turnoff to a lot cause it's appearance is not as inviting cause the oddness of it. Also the pronunciation might turn off some older gamers. So Nintendo's whole philosophy of making everything user friendly so that all could want to play the "Revolution" was thrown away with an uninviting name on the box. Nintendo has stated over and over how the oddness of it all will get more people in and that the name is very inviting. Well I'm here to tell you that that is probably not true. The name is confusing. When they first see it they will not know how to pronounce it and that is already strike one. It is not a worldly thing that all can understand, especially Americans. Now don't get me wrong on any of this. I love the "Revolution" and I could care less if it is being renamed the Wii. And I also don't think that it could kill Nintendo and really take it out of the race. But I do believe that Wii is something esle. I do believe that it could turn off a lot of new buyers. It won't take them all out but it will take some out. And that isn't good. So I've basically stated my full opinion on the new name. And even if Nintendo does stick with Wii it won't affect too much but it would definetly take out a lot of new and casual gamers that might wanted to jump in. In my opinion of course. But that isn't what I'm here to talk about. I'm here to start something else. I've seen everything about this and everything about it is wrong. Something isn't right at all about this name announcement. Something is just terribly wrong. I'm here to go over what's wrong and what will happen. Now what's wrong is a lot of things. First of all it is 12 days before E3 2006. Nintendo has built up all this hype over revealing their whole console fully. One of those bit things is the name. Yet 12 days before Nintendo decides to pull a really big portion of that out of E3 and put it out 12 days before E3 starts. Something is wrong there. Now what could be wrong with that. Alot of things. First of all why do that. E3 is the biggest public event in gaming. It is the one event that will get off the internet discussion and into a lot more things that all new people can see and everything. yet Nintendo takes one of it's biggest secrets away from all of that spotlight. Why would they do that. It makes no sense. Nintendo says that they did it cause they knew that Wii would be odd and that wanted to give some people some time to let it soak in. That is ludacris. That is the most bullshit thing I've ever heard. That would have been like showing the revremote off a week before TGS 2005 so people would accept it a little more. So what is really going on here. We'll get to that later. The next thing wrong is the advertisement for it. You decide to release one of the biggest secrets of your next gen console and you sum it up in a cheaply made video and logo. What is up with that. There is no sense in that. Why waste something so big on a cheaply made video. So there are many more wrongs but those are the important ones. You sum all of that up and you got a giant conspiracy. Why would they take a way a secret away from the biggest public even in the gaming world? Why is Nintendo not confident in their new name? Why is Nintendo not fully advertising their new name. Why is Nintendo not willing to share with us other names that didn't make the cut if this name is for sure and final? Why secrecy for those unused names? Why? Why? Why? Well I may have the answer. Let us take all the wrongs and combine them. So basically why would Nintendo delay the secret of the name to have cheap advertising for it? And why are they not sharing the new names and not confident with the name they picked? Well here is the answer. What if Nintendo is fooling us? What if Nintendo is hyping us up? What if this is all some ploy to get Nintendo in the news before E3. Well this ploy is what I think it is. Now I know that some other guys have come up with this and posted their thoughts earlier but we just had similar thoughts. I did not copy those thoughts. So let's go over it. What if Nintendo decided to release a fake name 12 days before E3. They would then play it off as the real name. But the name they wanted to come up with is the worst name possible. This way that people will just literally hate it. So then will come E3 and they'll make their speech and totally blow us away by making announcing the real name and discarding Wii. Not only would this make people love Nintendo so much for getting rid of that other name it would also get Nintendo giant news. And not only that it would be one of the best marketing tools ever used. So if they used the fake name just to hype people more up at E3 this would just be plain genius. This would also explain why Nintendo doesn't want to advertise the Wii stuff too fully so it doesn't get to widespread. And that's why they did it before E3 so it wouldn't get as much attention. This would explain the cheap advertising. It would explain the harshness when asked if the name is a fake. This would explain the lack of confidence that Nintendo had in their name that they supposedly love. This would explain why the won't reveal the other "failed" names. This idea makes so much sense it sounds "real". This is what I and many others have been thinking. Basically one of the greatest marketing ploys ever used. Here is what the other dude said if you won't to get a better idea: Idea in Other View Now also if that one is a little to extreme I have another idea that I solely came up with. So what if Nintendo decided to choose a name they liked and put it out 12 days before E3. They wouldn't advertise as well but get to a general game and developer public. Basically just to see what was thought of the name. They would say this is the real name and everthing. But if they got bad gamer and developer responses from it they would change it at E3 to another name. This would also answer all of those same questions. So both make sense. Right now those make more sense than anything Nintendo has done over the last 2 days. Now I'm not saying, once again, that Wii is at all a bad name or will totally destroy the whole idea of the Revolution. I mean this might actually be the real final name. But I'm just showing you how odd the whole coming up of it is and how this could be a ploy. But if it stays Wii trust me I'll be one of the first buyers to get it. But as of now you will hear me refer to the Wii as the revo cause right now I will take Wii as simple speculation cause until E3 it is not fact yet. I'll wait for E3 to find out if it is real or a marketing ploy. So Revolution stays in our hearts as Wii starts to come upon us. Still Wii need a Revolution so don't let the name deceive you. I hope you enjoyed my insight cause I enjoysed sharing it. Please do leave comments on what you think. Thanks Zucas

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Wii Are the New Revolution

And I'm not joking. Nintendo has finally dropped the codename and give the Revolution an official name thus far. I can't say if it will stay but for now is the offical name. That is Nintendo Wii. Wii is pronounced the same as Hawaii. You pronounce is "we". So before you start saying WTF don't judge it buy how it sounds. Wii is supposed to be saying that everyone can play this console. The name is very inviting. It also could be describing as a community also saying that we are a community. That would be suggesting a radical online but who knows. So I know a lot of people probably don't like this or skeptical. But think about it. Does it really matter. If you don't like it will it make Super Smash Bros 3 a bad game. Of course not. Just when you buy the game it will say Nintendo Wii on it instead of Nintendo Revolution. So also after awhile it is quite catchy. So don't give up on it just because it sounds. It's the Revolution with a new name. That's all you need to see it as. Also Wii will be very inviting to all new gamers of all ages and all countries cause it is a very inviting sound and look rather than Playstation or Xbox which aren't. So here is some things that have to do with it's announcements that you can look into: Wii Stuff Enjoy Zucas

Monday, April 24, 2006

Nintendo Revolution Games Galore

Yes a day everyone has been waiting for. Finally some solid announcements of Revolution games. And some details on a few of them. First we'll start with Tony Hawk: Downhill Jam. In the latest issue of Nintendo Power they have confirmed this game exclusively for the DS and Revolution. And also there is a description of some of the controls and features in the game. Check it out and the link:

Tony Hawk: Downhill Jam details for Revolution: The game is an exclusive for Nintendo Revolution and DS. It states “…By using the Revolution controller’s motion-sensitivity, racers will be able to turn and boost without touching a button. The game will also feature button combinations to pull off tricks that recall the controls for the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and Tony Hawk’s Underground titles…” A full feature with screenshots and more details will be available in the July Issue. The game is developed by Toy for Bob and published by Activision. Four Player Split-Screen multiplayer feature. Eight new racers. Eight huge environments are real-world locations (includes Machu Picchu in the Andes and the hills of San Francisco). Boost Meter in game, thrust the controller forward for boost.

Yea it's going back to the old controlls of the Pro Skaters. Thank god cause nowadays just too confusing. And also the addition of boost seems pretty cool. I was always skeptical of how they would find a way to fit Tony Hawk accordingly with the revcon but Activision has done it quite nicely. Way to go. Also in the issue of Nintendo Power they have confrimed that Bob Ross: Painting for Joy is an official title coming to the Revolution. Yea I guess. And here is the link you can find all of that info from. Click Here!!! Also THQ has announced to Revo games as it is bringing to Nick Series over to the Revolution. Those being Spongebob Squarepants: Creature From the Krust Krab and Avatar; The Last Airbender. Now can't say I'm too excited about this but all around support is just great and we have to support all ages and this is a great way to get in those younger ages. Here's the link to that one. Spongebob Lovers Welcome Also Sega has said they will unveil a title tomorrow to hit off their "Road to E3". Well sounds great to me. Now I have no idea if this will be a revo title but strong rumors and sources suggest that the game or games will be making it's way to the Revolution. Sega Title And finally DragonBall Z: Tenkaichi 2 has been officially announced by Atari. And it gives a brief description of the game. Check it out So that's a lot of revo games announced and confirmed. Maybe not some of the games I would buy but it is getting developer support in and showing that it is willing to support all ages, all genders, and all countries. Something Nintendo has been trying to push. So stay tuned for more Pre-E3 stuff like this. It can only get better until E3 blows our minds. Be prepared for many things. Zucas

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Podcasts Temporarily Stopped

To start this off I would like to thank all of you that read this and listen to the podcasts on a regular basis. Due to school and family issues we have decided to TEMPORARILY stop the podcasts until E3. I have been extremly busy with school and the others are involved with their own affairs. WE WILL continue to post and maintain the blog on a regular basis. We are just stopping the podcasts for the meantime. Thank you again all of you that read this! -Zero Radio, Zucas, Malvolio, and Kouryuoh

Japanese Hardware and Software Sales for April 10-16

More sales from Japan. Yea. Well about same old same old but sure. But this time for hardware I got the sales that each conosle or handheld has sold as a whole in 2006 in Japan. Yeah. Check it out: DS Lite: 140,969 (827,737) DS Phat: 37,204 (767,773) PS2: 27,549 (504,215) PSP: 26,340 (609,399) GBASP: 6,372 (100,814) GBM: 3676 (62,678) 360: 1,926 (37,287) GCN: 1,080 (43,649) GBA: 46 (2,397) XBX: 30 (1,355) So as usual the DS's own the charts. But as we can see the DS's combine for a total of about 1.5 million sold in Japan through the slowest months of games sales. That's pretty good. And also GC is outselling the X360 overall while this week the X360 won a battle. And then original GBA and Xbox are still close but GBA out beat it by 16 consoles. But those are some sad numbers for those consoles. Now onto software sales with also having the number of units the game has sold overral in Japan:

1 NDS Brain Training 2 - 71,000 (1,887,000) 2 NDS Brain Training - 52,000 (1,930,000) 3 NDS Animal Crossing - 49,000 (2,462,000) 4 NDS Densetsu no Stafi 4 - 48,000 (48,000) 5 PS2 Guilty Gear XX Slash - 44,000 (44,000) 6 NDS English Trainig - 43,000 (847,000) 7 NDS Pokemon Ranger - 38,000 (359,000) 8 PS2 Final Fantasy XII - 25,000 (2,151,000) 9 PS2 Pro Yakyuu Netsu Star 2006 21,000 (73,000) 10 PS2 Pro Yakyuu Spirits 3 21,000 (89,000)

Wow those Brain Age games have staying power. They take the number 1 and 2 slots again. And so does Animal Crossing taking the #3 spot. And again so does English Training. Wow those Japanese just like to train themselves. And then PS2 games take up the rest of the slots and Final Fantasy 12 is still in there. Now look at the overral sales of the games. Both Brain Training games are closing in on 2 million while English Training is closing in on 1 million. Animal Crossing is approaching 2.5 million. And wow Final Fantasy is already at 2.1 million. Well those Japanese gamers sure do like their Final Fantasy. So an interesting week of sales. Join next time to see next week's sales. Zucas

Nintendo Rumors

Well to follow up on Zero's 360 rumors I'll post some recent Nintendo rumors. I found these over at Gonintendo. -DS Lite released in Europe June 9 or June 16. -A remake of Soul Blade for the DS-Soul Calibur 4 annonced for all next-gen consoles -A remake of Tomb Raider 1 for the DS -Tomb Raider for Revolution -Nights into Dreams 2 for Revolution is 65% complete -Revolution to be released in June in Japan -Released in America in September and October in Europe -Ikarus(Kid Ikarus 2) developed by Retro Studios -Star Fox Lylatt Wars for revolution -A Japanese only racer -Fight Night 2 uses two revcon to box -Burnout Revenge for Revolution -A new edition of the musical game ‘Samba de Amigo’ originally sent for Dreamcast. Uses two revcon as drum sticks -35 Development kits have been sent to Take Two/Rockstar London. The game is unknown but it is believed to be a portable GTA. -Ubi soft has 9 titles in the furnace. In addition, it completely seems confirmed the appearance of Prince Of Persia in Revolution. -Super Smash Bros Revolution to be subtitled either “Mayhem” ot “Total Chaos” -Possible new edition of Counter Strike for Revolution -The aspect of the twilight Princess has changed excessively, and we could be surprised when we see the new images in the E3. -Pikim 3 is 100% complete -Midway has three titles on the way. One being”incredible” -Several Sega System games will be available on VC -Capcom will have 2 titles in the E3 of a form or another one. Now some of these seem real and some just seem like BS. But I'll go over them. Now the DS Lite being released in June is very possible. That seems accurate. And Soul Blade coming to the DS. Really couldn't say one way or another. Now Tomb Raiders coming to the DS and Revolution is quite possible especially with Eidos all of a sudden liking of Nintendo. And also a GC version of the latest Tomb Raider is already set for the GC. Now the sequel to the Nights game seems very possibly with Sega's love of Nintendo. And this seems very true from my standpoint. Now revo released in June in Japan I would think would be total bullshit as of now. I mean just not giving devs enough time to make the game. We don't want to pull a 360. Now revo coming out in September and October for America and Europe is very possible. Kid Icaras sequel being made by Retro Studios I would say is false. I'm going to stick with the old rumor of Capcom making it. Star Fox Lylat Wars is probably a false rumor. But what is true is that there is probably a Star Fox game coming to the Revolution but I would highly doubt that would be the name. A Japanese only racer; well really can't say much about that. Not enough detail. Now the Fight Night game using 2 revremotes is very possibly. That's how I would figure how it would work. And the good thing is that the revolution is rumored to sell with 2 revmotes in it so yea. Now Burnout Revenge coming to the Revolution may be. I mean EA might put it on the revo. But I would better think that Burnout 5 would make it's way to the revo instead. But let's hope for both. The new musical game seems like it could be. Would work great with the revo. Now with Take Two and Rockstar getting the dev kits is very possible. I've heard of a lot of rumblings of Rockstar being very excited about the revo. Now Ubisoft having 9 titles already for the revo seems a little whack but maybe. But POP coming to the revo seems inevitable so yah. Smash bros being called Mayhem or Total Chaos sounds great. But I'm still going to go with All Stars. Ok Counter Strike for the Revolution is where I'm undecided. Valve has said good things about the revolution and all but don't know if they would bring counter strike there. But I'm going to say this might be possibly just cause Counter Strike would work great with the revcon. I would have also assumed that TP would have looked much better by now. Trust me the GC is quite an amazing and efficient machine and can pull out some incredible graphics. And Pikmin 3 just seems inevitable. Now Midway having 3 titles seems right but the whole incredible thing makes me seem kinda fishy. But that just got me curious. But whatev you want to think about that one. And I would assume a lot of Sega games would be on the Virtual Console but it sounds like more systems will be involved other than the Genesis. We might even see Dreamcast on there or better yet the Master System. And Capcom having titles on the Revo is once again inevitable. Wonder what they are though. So yah I believe a lot of these could be true. Just not so much on the release dates yet. Hope you enjoyed that. Source: Zucas

Xbox 360 Rumors

For all you Xbox lovers out there you are in for some really good news or should i say rumors. Rumors 1) The cost for the Xbox 360 core system will be dropping to $199 setting the premium version to $299. This is a $100 dollar price drop! 2) Gears of War is set to release the last week of October. 3) Halo 3 is set to release in March of 2007 4) Kameo is set to release a sequel backed by a Xbox 360 version of GTA. 5) A 100GB hard drive will be able to be purchased but it wont replace the 20GB hard drive that comes with the 360. 6) The price of Xbox Live is set to drop or become absolutely free for the price of viewing advertisements. 7) Microsoft is currently working on expanding he friends list to 200 people. 8) MAME "You've heard of MAME right? Right. We're just doing a legal version of MAME, meaning that all the game owners get paid and the users get quality product based around a community. Imagine the biggest arcade in the world, just 1,000 times bigger. It'll have as many machines as we can possibly get, all with score-rankings and other community stuff. It's not a secret that MAME was massive for hackers of the original Xbox and the pull and sales of retro game packs on current machines is still really high. If this is taken and put under the right noses, it should become the biggest thing in mainstream/hardcore gamer crossover in the industry." These are just rumors. Some may be true and other may not -Zero

Friday, April 21, 2006

My Revolutionary Wishlist

Recently IGN went on to put out a list of what titles or other things where on their Revolution wishlist. They picked some interesting ones. Here is what they picked: Mark Bozon Duck Hunt Revolution Wireless Nunchuck Controller DS Interaction Arcade Revival Boxing Star Wars Collectors Controllers Budget Game Series No Region Lock New Retro Matt Cassamania Hard-Drive Support Progressive Scan,16:9, and Dolby Digital Mandate The Return of Kid Icarus Legend of Zelda Fighter A Clean Organized Interface Something Shocking Now those are some good choices and everything. A few I would pick and a few I wouldn't. Now exclusively on A Gamer's Paradise I will follow what they did and give you what I want to see on my Revolution. And if some my colleagues won't to put theirs on feel free to put them on this post. Zucas Nintendo ON- With the controller and everything a visor would go great with the Revolution. The setup of the console would be perfect for it. So I would love to see this make the system. Burnout 5- My favorite racing series out there. Actually my only favorite racing series. I would just die if this didn't make the Revolution. But I can't wait to see how this would work with the revmote and with the addition of online can't wait to hit these up with my buddies. An Amazing Online- I love my Xlive that I have on my Xbox. But the only problem is there is a lack of good games for it. But with the Revolution having all the great Nintendo games I would just love to have a great online to fulfill those one. I mean I need voice chat, friend's list, downloadable content, and just something different from the rest. Something to make it truly extroardinary. You know not do what Sony did and just copy Xlive but take some of the good features and create a few of your own and make it something "Revolutionary". A "Real" Mario Game- I want a real Mario game that follows the storyline. I mean don't get me wrong I love all the spinoffs and sports stuff but I need another good Mario game. I need a followup of the legendary Mario 64. I need something to keep the story going cause I'm interested to see what happens in the Mario world. Come on Nintendo I know you've been working on one. You need to let us see it. Pokemon MMO- Now don't laugh. There are a lot of people that still love the Pokemong series. I'm a big fan of the console and handheld pokemon games. But the console games have been lacking. I need the handheld ones to come to the consoles. And the best way to do that is MMO. I would love if Nintendo could pull this one off. And at the same time also have a single player. Hope that ain't too much to ask for. But if this happens then god I will just go crazy. Well I have a whole lot more that I could put up here but those are the main ones. In the comments section how about you post what you want to see on your Revolution. Feel free and maybe we'll read them in our next podcast which is on its way, hopefully. Zucas

Nights Sequel Coming to the Revolution?

That's what Famitsu said at least. In the last issue of Famitsu they always have a secition where they talk about rumors. Well one of the rumors is that the Sega Saturn game, Nights into Dreams, will be making it's long awaited sequel on to the Revolution. Now I don't know much about the game. I've heard of it and I recognize the main character but never had a Sega Saturn so have no idea what the game is about or if it is good. But it was quite a popular game I hear in it's time and was supposed to be the "Mario 64 killer" but never was. If you want to learn more about the game: Well this would be a great pickup for the Revolution. Would get some hardcore gamers into the mix. Well stay tuned and I'll bring you all your Nights info as it arises. Have a good NIGHT. Zucas

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Liberty City Stories Coming to the PS2

And when I thought the world couldn't get odder this happens. I've seen console game ported to handhelds but never handheld games ported to consoles. Wow that's something new. But this is the world of Sony. But Rockstar announced that GTA: LCS would hit the PS2 on June 6th in North America. Well if your a fan of the series and just has to have every game that has GTA in front of it then I say go pick this up but otherwise stick with San Andreas. But it will be hitting the shelves for only $20 so maybe a game to tie you over for a couple of weeks. Enjoy. Zucas

March Hardware Sales in America

It's about time they released these. Been waiting forever. Well mostly the same as it always is in America. Check it out: PS2 = 273,000 Xbox 360 = 192,000 Xbox = 83,000 GameCube = 63,000 GBA = 201,000 PSP = 186,000 NDS = 184,000 So as always PS2 outsells them all but PS2 is just a beast I guess. But X360 sold on average. But X360 sales should pick up next month with a lot more consoles in stock plus some good games that would have boosted the sales. And Xbox and GC were down at the bottom for consoles seperated by 20,000 but these 2 are basically dead anyway. And GBA outsold the PSP and NDS. It seems the old is outselling the new in both handhedl and console. Cool. And then PSP outsold DS by 2,000 so once again really close. Not much different but sales should pick up next month so lookout. Zucas

Hudson Announces New Revolution Title Codenamed "Flight Game"

According to IGN the E3 Expos sent out a pre E3 teaser email promising big games to be shown at the big event. And inside this email surpising Hudson had a game in there that was for the Revolution. What was said about the game is here: "Flight Game" - Nintendo Revolution - Take to the skies in a way never before experienced on any home console. Using the Revolution's "Gesture System" built into their innovative controller, Hudson's new "Flight Game" allows total plane control as players pilot their planes through various acrobatic flight maneuvers ranging from sky artistry to bomb drops. So seems like a cool game. It was inevitable that Hudson would join the Nintendo team. So another exclusive game for the revo there. Let's hope they give it a name soon cause I don't want to play a game called Flight Game huh. But also this is not Pilotwings. This is a totally seperate title. So don't get that confused. Well another game rolls in on the revolution as the support grows ever bigger. Stay tuned especially this Thursday where something very interesting is rumored to happen. Source:

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

New Xbox 360 Faceplates!

Nyko has recently launched new customizable faceplates for the Xbox 360. This is a two part accessory that comes with six new designs. If you ever wanted to create your own design you can go to and download their software. Keep an eye out for these new faceplates at a local retail store near you! -Zero Radio

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Pokemon Music Video

Hey. This video is maybe the most hilarious thing I've seen in a while. 2 guys decided to lip sync the pokemon mucic video and reenact some things. But it is just hilarious. You got to check it out: Enjoy. Zucas

Friday, April 14, 2006

Crossbeam Talks Orb

Hey guys. Sorry for no post for awhile. Had a busy week but I'm back and got some good news. Crossbeam has done a preview for their new game coming to the Revolution called Orb. The preview is just great. The game sounds in credible. He talks about the storyline, the characters, the history, the weapons, the gameplay, ect. Crossbeam's Orb is coming around quite nicely. Here is a few of the quotes from the preview. "Orb – the developer’s baby – is an action-adventure game set in a huge fantasy world called Delphire. Long ago, the mercenary army of Kulon raged a deadly war with the good people of the land, killing all men, women and children that crossed their path. However, while that was long ago, the army is at it again. One of the Kulon’s most fierce warriors has crowned himself ruler and has forged a dangerous plot to kidnap one of the people’s “guardians of faith,” a member of the sect called Imanti." "The focus on these three characters and their storylines crisscrossing seems to be big. For instance, when playing as Mahten, gamers will certainly come into contact with both Dyces and Simique. When these characters are not interacting directly with each other, they will be in entirely different places in the world." "Further, there are only six weapons available throughout the entire adventure to each character. While this number seems quite low, Crossbeam assures us that players won’t get bored of their weapon quickly. This is because they can actually customize their weapon through magic and other means, with a result of 600 different variations." Well these are just a few quotes from it. For the entire preview: Also Crossbeam plans to release the game sometime in either late 2007 or early 2008. Quite awhile but I would say worth the wait. Crossbeam I believe is going to be a really good upstarting new game-making company. 3 new titles coming from them. I think they are going to become really big soon. Well more on Crossbeam as it comes. Zucas

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Japanese Hardware and Software Sales for March 27-April 2

Once again this week we have our lates hardware and software sales for the wonderful country of Japan. So let's cut the crap and jump right in to it. First hardware sales. A couple of surprises this week: Nintendo DS Lite - 149,371 Nintendo DS - 59,903 PS2 - 36,943 PSP - 33,301 Game Boy Advance SP - 6,732 X360 - 3,258 Game Boy Micro - 2,992 GameCube - 1,492 Game Boy Advance - 151 Xbox - 68 Well the surpise ain't the leaders. DS and DS lite combined for more than 200,000 units sold last week. And PS2 and PSP are way behind with second and third. But the big thing is that the X360 sold 3.2 thousand. Wow that is such an advancement. And they outsold the GC, their closest rival in Japan by a little less than 2 thousand lol. But another big thing is that the GBA original more than doubled the Xbox in sales. Wow. And just when we thought Xbox was catching up bam downgrade. Oh well poor Xbox. Now for Software sales: 1. 149,370 - Pro Soccer Club wo Tsukurou! Europe Championship (PS2) 2. 111,411 - Another Century's Episode 2 (PS2) 3. 86,206 - Brain Training 2 (DS) 4. 85,909 - Final Fantasy XII (PS2) 5. 83,244 - Pokemon Ranger: The Road to Diamond and Pearl (DS) 6. 79,563 - Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS) 7. 52,474 - Brain Training (DS) 8. 49,949 - English Training (DS) 9. 44,999 - Powerful Pro Baseball Portable (PSP) 10. 40,527 - Naruto Narutimate Hero Portable (PSP) Well once again a PS2 title takes the #1 whole and surpising another took #2. And then also you have your Brain training games. God how long has Brain Training 1 been on the top list. Geez. And then we have our Pokemon, English Training, and Animal Crossing to fill the rest of the DS games out. Then surprisinly we have 2 PSP games hitting up the last 2 slots. And in case anyone wants to know. Rumble Roses XX for the X360 got #17 on the charts and Over G for the X360 got #38. Those were the only X360 in the top 40 for last week. Well quite a good week once again for the DS and PS2. But not unusual. Stay tuned for next week's edition. Zucas

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Red Steel: 1st Revolution Game with Screens

YAY!!!!!!!!!! OH it's about time to finally see revo screens. Wow this is just great. Ok so in the next Game Informer Issue they have a game preview and it is called Red Steel. It is the Ubisoft Paris exclusive game mentioned way back when. Well they are doing an 11 page preview of the game and the best part is is comes with pictures. And all the pics are in game screens. So we actually get game screens for revo games before E3. This is just great. Here is a few of the pics.

Also in the preview it talks a little about the Revo plan and the game. Check out some of the details:

“at their best , video games are about immersion . players shouldnt feel like they are observing the action onscreen, they should be figuratively transported into a different world.

Your avitar’s life should become your life , and its adventures should be your adventure. the controller in a player’s hands should transcend its role as a mere interface device; it should become the weapon that you see onscreen .most games try to push immersion with better graphics, more intense action , or overwhelming sound. but one upcoming console is doing something different , trying a new way to make that controller in your hand become something more. that console is the nintendo revolution.

with the unveiling of the revolution’s motion based controller, most gamers envisioned the kaleidoscope of unique ideas that nintendo would use it for. but while the gaming public was preoccupied with demos of cooking and fishing games, one developer asked itself the question of how the revolution could be used to take a familiar genre to the next level.this company wanted to figure out how to use its unique controller not to develop an entirely new type of game, but to elevate an already-popular style. that company is ubisoft, and the answer to its self-imposed challenge is the revolution launch title known as red steel.

it is highly unusual for a company like nintendo to allow the axclusive first look at one of its consoles through a 3rd party game like red steel.but as it turns out , nintendo has been closely involved in the development of this game, and has great confidence that it is a perfect way to introduce the world to revolution . developed by ubisoft paris , one of the publishers oldest and most experienced teams , red steel is a mixture of old and new: a fps that that uses the revolutions controller for aiming - and much more. while nintendo obviously has several games in development for the revolution launch , the company simply doesnt make games like red steel , so letting a respected publisher like ubisoft introduce the revolution through an easy -to - understand game type allows both companies to demonstrate what they do best ..”

Also here is where they talk about the gameplay, characters, and setup:

Also worth noting, this game is not an on-rails shooter. It is a fully 3d FPS game. A quote from the article…‘the longer we played with it the more natural if felt, and the more quickly we mowed down the targets. strafing around the targets is incredibly easy, as keeping the controller pointed at the object, while you move around with the analog stick keeps you focused on the target. aim felt similar to using a computer mouse, as it is possible to quickly explore every direction in a three dimension space with quick gestures.’

“In many situations, there will be a higher-ranking enemy who commands the others in the area. By defeating him, and sparing his life, he will offer you his respect, and help. The enemies will surrender their guns, and the boss may offer you a new weapon, a special path, or another reward. Any time you spare an enemy, you will be rewarded. As it always takes more skill to spare a life, than to take it”

“Although the majority of Red Steel’s gameplay will stress ranged combat, there will be times you need to get up close, and personal. You can switch to the sword at any time, and if you can get close enough to an enemy, you can use it for one-hit stealth kills. In other moments you’ll find yourself locked into intense one-one sword duels.” Not to assign any personality to the main character. You are the hero in Red Steel and this is your adventure. The only backstory to the protagonist is that he is an american male who is engaged to a Japanese American woman name Myu. On thenight that you are supposed to meet Myu’s father for the first time, she is kidnapped from the posh Los Angeleles restaurant you’re dining in. You quickly learn that her father is a Yakuza boss named Sato, who is in possesion of an important ceremonialkatana. A younger, more ruthless Yakuza faction led by a man called Tokal attempted to steal the sword from Sato to shift the balance of power within the organization. Sato thwarted the attempt to steal the sword, but was mortally wounded in the attack.Tokal’s men kidnap Myu in response, hoping to trade her life for the sword. But Sato refuses to hand over the sword to Toakl, instead giving it to you, with the instructions to use it to find his daughter. Sato dies soon after diving you the sword, leaving you all alone and untrained against Tokal’s men. Armed with the katana and a selection of firearms, you myst follow Myu to Japan and defeat Tokal, but first you must gain the skills necessary to confront him.

According to — the first third of the game will be more brutal by necessity. When you are first learning to use the Revolution controller, you will be less precise and — (blurry and cuts off)

A series of headshots, it is often more beneficial to take a non-lethal shot, such as shooting a gun out of an enemy’s hands. I mnay situtations, there wil be a higher-ranking enemy who commands the others in the area. By defeating him and sparinghis life, he will offer you his respect and help. The enemies he commands will surrender their guns and the boss may offer you a new weapon, a special path through the level, or other reward. Any time you spare an enemy, you will be it always takes more skill to spare a life than to take it.

Freeze (may not be freeze) shot adds a lot of dpeth to the gunplay and is a natural fit for the Revolution controller,but isn’t the only way that Red Steel adds spice to the combat. After all, why would you carry a sword through a game if you couldn’t use it? Although the majority of Red Steel’s gameplay will stress ranged combat, there will be times you need to get upclose and personal. You can switch to the sword at any time, and if you can get close enougn toan enemy, you can use it for on-hit stealth kills. In other moments, you’ll find yourself locked into intense one-on-one sword duels. Any time you take onan enemy with a sword of his own, you’ll need to take yours out right away, or his blade will make short work of you. Swinging the Revolution controller in front of you, you will see the sword onscreen(cut off)

That is all what was directly said in about the game. The game sounds like it has a solid storyline and the first we've really heard about any revo game. Also in the pics it tells you how the game will work with the revremote and in the description also. Some of the ways it works is really cool. The revremote will work so well in this cause it will be like you are really holding the gun. Total realism. Just great.

Also for a system that is supposedly to have the power of an Xbox the graphics look damn good. Look better than any Xbox game I've seen. I mean and this is just a pic of a scan in a book. I mean it looks way better than what you see. This proves that the revo will produce amazing graphical games even though it has been said otherwise. Now with that said the revremote can finally get the credit it really deserves as this game shows off how it works best in the FPS genre. And soon the revremote will prove why you will never want to use a regular controller to ever play this genre again.

I would like to think the guys at Gonintendo who got the pics and info so I could neatly put it on this site. Thanks guys.

So many good things to come to the revo. Also I heard something else about more game screens in the Game Informer in which this game is found in so another positive. So keep a lookout for more things like this. It's going to be quite a buildup before the final bomb at E3. To all a good day and good day to all.


Thursday, April 06, 2006

MS Buys Lionhead Studios

It's about time somebody buys them out. Though I would have really much have preferred if Ubisoft did it but oh well. Peter Molyneaux seemed pretty okay with or did he. Well here is a link to the buyout: So I want say my personal opinons on this buy out but all I can say is way to go MS you son of a bitch. But good for the X360. You now get popular games such as Black and White, Fable, and The Movies. Yay I guess. Yay!!!! Enjoy. Zucas

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Twilight Princess to be Released Same Time as Revo

It's official now. In a recent interview with Mr. Miyamoto and a Swedish Newspaper he confirmed that the new zelda game will be released at or around the same time as the Revolution. Strong bonds to the gamesAnd the new console Revolution? -The only thing i can say is that is gets released this year and that “Zelda: Twilight princess” is released at the same time. So there is confirmation. We all knew it anyway but there is official confirmation. Yeah. And it makes sense. I mean it is already confirmed that the game will support the revremote so with it being launched at the same time as the revo it will be like having a Zelda launch game. So stay tuned for more TP news. It will be playable at E3. Yay. Zucas

Japanese Hardware and Software Sales for the Week of March 20-26

Last week's Japanese sales are finally here again. None to surprising really but they are up. Usually March is a very slow month for sales but it seems that the DS has been proving that wrong. First off here is hardware sales: DS Lite - 119,986 Nintendo DS - 39,307 PS2 - 34,169 PSP - 31,077 Game Boy Advance SP - 5,627 Game Boy Micro - 4,883 GameCube - 1,458 X360 - 1,415 Xbox - 117 Game Boy Advance - 98 Well as usual the DS and DS Lite pretty much destroyed the competition. But the GC vs. X360 race is still quite strong. The GC only outsold the X360 by 43 consoles. Wow that is close. And also the Xbox has outsold the original GBA. Wow weird week there. And they did it by 19 consoles. Yay Xbox. Now for software sales: 1. 237,678 - Final Fantasy XII (PS2) 2. 193,337 - Pokemon Ranger: The Road to Diamond and Pearl (DS) 3. 109,100 - Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War (PS2) 4. 82,797 - Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS) 5. 76,911 - Brain Training 2 (DS) 6. 54,360 - Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires (PS2) 7. 46,411 - English Training (DS) 8. 46,223 - Brain Training (DS) 9. 45,636 - Harukanaru Toki no Naka De 3: Labyrinth of Destiny (PS2) 10. 21,691 - Mario Kart DS (DS) Well as usual nothing buy PS2 and DS titles. And as we would think Final Fantasy XII is still #1. But the new DS Pokemon game really went up there in its first week. And then there are the rest of our usual DS games. And then we have a few PS2 games. Such as Ace Combat, Dynasty Warriors 5, and Labryinth of Destiny. Other than that pretty much the same. But still lot of sales in Japan right now when usually there aren't. Wait to go Japan. And we can thank the DS and PS2 for those numbers. Yay. Well tune in next week for more sales and we should also get in American Monthly Sales for March.

Top 10 Xbox Live Games for this week

These are the top 10 xbox live games for this week. Even though Halo 2 has been out for about two years now, it still holds the number one spot. 1 Halo 2 2 Oblivion 3 Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 4 Call of Duty 2 5 EA SPORTS™ Fight Night Round 3 6 PGR3 7 Perfect Dark Zero 8 Battlefield 2: MC 9 DEAD OR ALIVE 4 10 Burnout Revenge -Zero

Saturday, April 01, 2006

1000 Page Views!!!!!!!!!!

Yahhhhhh. We've finally hit 1000 page views. This is a great day. We have grown so much and we are so happy at this 1000 page view accomplishment. The staff of A Gamer's Paradise would love to think all who have checked this site out and to all our loyal fans. Thank you for making this site how good it is. It is because of you this site is good. Celebration time. YAY 1000. Thank you all. We love you. I would also like to think my staff of Kouryuoh, Zero Radio, and Malvolio for all thier contributions to the site. Without them this site couldn't have gone anywhere. Thank you guys. So I'm overreacting a little bit but when we started this site we were skeptical if it would be popular and this number proves it wrong. So we are excited. So thank you everyone. Zucas