Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Today is Sony's Day

Sony has finally let out a lot of stuff concerning the PS3 and the PSP. And I would love to go over all of it but I think IGN has done quite a good job at outlining the PS Biz Brief 06. But I will go over some of the PS3 things. First of all I would love to outline Sony's Xlive killer. And it is definetly comparable but we'll see. Sony has so far announced these things to try and compete with Xlive: Communication/Community: Voice/Video chat Messaging Lobby/Matchmaking Score/Ranking Friend list/AvatarGame data upload/download Commerce: Shop (accessible from inside games) Content Download Micro Payment SubscriptionEntitlement (user access rights) management Account: User Registration Login ID/Handling of name issues Also they have announced a basic account which will be free. Now they call it a "basic service" and did not specify if there would be anything further that would cost money. I don't quite understand yet. But all they have announced is a free "basic service" and did not specify further. But this is obviously hinting at an extended non free service. I mean I could have missed something but this is what I got out of it. So there is you so called Xlive killer. But this is not everything announced but the heart of it. There will probably be a lot more but this is what matters as most of this is dealing with the gaming experience which is what we are looking for. I'm sure a bunch of other multimedia functions will also pop up later but unimportant to me as of now. So enjoy your PS3 info. I know yall have been dying for more. Zucas


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"greatest launch in the history of video games"

THE XBOX 360!!!!!!

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