Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Rumors behind Guts N Glory

Well as we said in the podcast about Guts N Glory I would get into a little more detail here. Well I might not be able to do that but I can give you the links to where it talks about that. But here are some links to some of the sites where it talks about the game. Unluckily the interview I can no longer find on a web page. I could post it but it would be beastly long so I'm not going too. But here are a couple of sites that talk about it: This first site is where it talks just generally about the game. This one describes the game totally differnt than the next site but basically tells you what is rumored to be in the game: - just scroll down to you see the name of the game Thanks to our friends at Following Revolution I found this a while back. And the second site is the one where I got most of my info that I said on the podcast. But I'm going to give you a link to this guy's profile. He is the dude who was posting the emails that I talked about in the podcast. Just read all of his posts that have either email or guts n glory in it to find all you can out about Guts N Glory and the Revolution and a few other games. So definetly good site: So lots of good rumors for the game. So now you see why we are so pschyed about this game.


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