Thursday, March 02, 2006

Revolution Games?

The common thought is that there are no Revolution games. Well I beg to differ. It seems that IGN has been doing a thing called Every Revolution Game. Well it shows a pretty good list of some good Revolution games and it is not even close too finsh. So for all you Revo fans here are some good games to look forward too: But for an even more comprehensive list thanks to our lovely editors at wikipedia they keep a pretty up to date list that is very accurate. And it says if it is rumored or not but still quite a good list. Check that out here: Quite a good amount of games. I think there are almost 60 there. So take those games and about 200 virtual console games and you got a hell of a lot of games. Now don't worry you see a lot of games being announced for the X360 and PS3 and wondering why they aren't announced for the Revo. It's not because they aren't going for the Revolution. It's because either the company hasn't had a chance to experince the hardware yet or they are waiting for E3 to announce. And also the main reason is that Nintendo still has a lot of NDA's on these companies. So don't worry come E3 all NDA's will be dropped and games will be pouring in for the Revolution. Have faith. I believe. Do you?(Yah a little Seriousgamer in there) Zucas


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