Wednesday, March 15, 2006

PS3 Worldwide Launch in November Confirmed

Well it's official. The PS3 will release in North America, Japan, and some other Asian places in November of this year. So I get to keep to my analysis as I just stated. So because in America it is release in November also may not be that bad. But right now I would say Sony's fate is going to deal a lot on 2 things. How much MS gets of a headstart. Like if they can ever restock and ever get any games out that is worth while playing. So if MS can make up for there time lost then Sony will have a problem. And the second thing is when the Revolution launches. This is big. When Nintendo launches the Revo will be big right now. If they launch it in November then they will be coinciding and will most likely go in Sony's favor. But if Nintendo manages to launch is a few months before Sony's big release then this could pose as a serious problem. Cause now it is the last system out and both the others have had time to settle in. But we still have to worry about the time factor and especially the price factor. Don't lie to yourselves Sony fans. The PS3 is going to be expensive. We all know that. So that will be big on how expensive it is. And why they should get it if they could possibly get an X360 and a Revolution for the same exact price. So think about that one. But glad that the American release is coming in November. That is not a bad move. American release had to be right there and no later. So not as bad as I predicted it to be cause I didn't know the terms of the American launch but this is once again a 3 man race again. The war is heating up guys. All companies have targets now and E3 is going to enflame those targets. But sadly for our European viewers you may not see a PS3 till 2007 but that is the spot that Sony has screwed up on. That could be a big mistake cause Sony has lately been losing ground in Europe to MS and Nintendo. So let's hope the appeal to them. Well as the console wars heats up I will be here to spread the news. For all you console wars battles this is Zucas


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