Saturday, March 18, 2006

Pokemon Revolution

Well I think everyone about knows that the Pokemon series will continue on into the Revolution but as of now no official conformation. But that has changed. In a recent interview with the creator of the Pokemon series, Tsunekazu Ishihara, has confirmed it . Here is what he said: "We're considering many plans for the Revolution. However, there are still areas of the Revolution itself that have not been seen, so we'd like to coordinate with Nintendo's movements." So he confirms that he will have many plans for the Revolution but doesn't stated Pokemon but since that is what he does that obviously means that there will be Pokemon titles on the Revolution. But this could be it guys. What we have all been waiting for. A Pokemon MMO. We all have wanted one. It would allow the greatness of the GBA Pokemon games to come to the consoles. Think how great a Pokemon MMO would be. It would just be incredible. So stay tuned for more news on the Pokemon series as it comes. Zucas


Blogger Journey said...

pokemon was all fun n games back in the GB days... but i now it feels like ever year (sometime earlier than that) theres always a new pokemon game. i gave up on pokemon after yellow version!

3/19/2006 01:46:00 AM  
Blogger Zucas said...

Yes the pokemon days of the GB were definetly great. And so were the GBA ones. But the Stadium games for the N64 and the GC pokemon games just weren't as good. I mean don't take me wrong I love the pokemon console games but they just weren't as good as the GB ones. Probably cause you couldn't go around catching pokemon or something.

But that is why I think one on the Revo would be great. Cause now you can make an MMO of the game or something like one of the GB games cause you have more disk space to do it. So I can't wait to see what Pokemon games will come out on the revo.

I mean an MMO would be great cause go around catching pokemon and then battle your friends and go through the whole process. Or do like the GB ones where you catch and just do the whole thing and blah blah.

But I'm really pschyed up for a Pokemon MMO. So keep watching out for this. There have many rumors about a Pokemon MMO coming so I'll keep everyone tuned in on this.

3/19/2006 11:41:00 AM  

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