Thursday, March 02, 2006

Midway confirms Revolution Support

Well we were just talking about games and you might have noticed a Midway game in one the areas. Well that is because today Midway officially announced support for Nintendo by bringing one of their projects to the Revolution this year. He even said that Stranglehold might be brought to the Revolution with a very strong possibility rate. So that is just great. So what you are seeing is great. Companies from last gen that had kinda left support GC are slowly coming back for the Revolution. The Dream Team the N64 once had is slowly starting to come back with the help of the DS and the Revolution. The Revolution is going over very well with developers. They know something that we don't and they love it. Nintendo has shown something that is causing all developers who never would have developed for it do that. Nintendo is starting to come back. Keep a lookout for them.


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