Sunday, March 26, 2006

Japanese Hardware and Software sales for the Week 13-19

The new weekly sales are out in Japan. These are more of the same but still some tight races. The hardware sales had once again DS Lite on top but that should be expected: Nintendo DS Lite - 104,452 PS2 - 66,670 Nintendo DS - 32,105 PSP - 31,848 Game Boy Advance SP - 4,290 Game Boy Micro - 3,087 GameCube - 1,318 X360 - 1,039 Game Boy Advance - 131 Xbox - 108 So DS lite had quite an impressive lead. But PS2 sold quite a bit itself also. But that is thanks to the release of FFXII in Japan. So that boosted it sales. And a close race between the PSP and original DS. About a 250 different in sales. And the GC and X360 are close as also. But the GBA original took a stunning 23 unit sale lead this week over the Xbox. Last week it was 2 units. Now for the software sales shouldn't be surprised that FFXII was the lead dog. Those Japanese people and their Final Fantasy. But they sure did buy a lot of it: 1. 1,764,266 - Final Fantasy XII (PS2) 2. 70,932 - Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS) 3. 67,222 - Brain Training 2 (DS) 4. 39,940 - English Training (DS) 5. 39,718 - Brain Training (DS) 6. 25,295 - Samurai Warriors 2 (PS2) 7. 17,928 - Mario Kart DS (DS) 8. 17,574 - Seiken Densetsu: Children of Mana (DS) 9. 17,520 - Guitar Freaks V & Drum Mania V (PS2) 10. 15,650 - Kero Kero 7 (DS) So Final Fantasy was selling like hotcakcs. 1.7 million copies were sold. Good god that's a lot. And then the DS games wiped the rest of the board with the Brain Training games, Animal crossing, English training, Mario Kart, Children of Mana, and a new one Kero Kero 7 which I don't know what that is. Then you had 2 more PS2 games. So as usual nothing but DS and PS2 but DS took 7 of 10 on this one. Well that's our Japanese sales of last week. Stay tuned for next week's edition. Zucas


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ahh.... horrible!!! Microsoft needs to do some promotions to help out the Xbox 360.

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