Sunday, March 26, 2006

GDC: Blogger's Breakfast

During the week of GDC on the 22 Microsoft held a "blogger's breakfast". It was an event where famous bloggers gathered for social gathering where they shared their latest news, ideas, and thoughts. They also talked about Peter Moore's inset, Phil Harrison's PS3 Keynote, and what the new battlestar galatica had to do with games.From the "Blogger's Breakfast". From left to right Adam Levine (Gamer Andy), Stephen Glicker (you know who), Peter Moore (Corporate Vice president of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business in the Entertainment and Devices Division ... translation: he’s in charge of marketing for the Xbox), Cesar Menendez (Xbox Online Community Manager), Chrisopther Grant (Joystiq). Again from the "Blogger's Breakfast". From left to right Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb (Director Of Programming for Xbox Live), Joel Johnson (Gizmodo), Brain Crecente (Kotaku), and Chris Satchell (General Manager Game Development Group). -Photos courtesy of Gaming Steve


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