Thursday, March 23, 2006

GDC 2006: A day of Nintendo

Sort of a day of Nintendo if we go revolution wise but definitely a lot of good DS news. Well I hyped up a lot of good stuff to come out of GDC for the Revolution and I was wrong as usual. But hey got to have some opinion. But anyway there isn't much revolution news said. But let's go over the some that is there. First of all Mr. Iwata has announced that the Revolution Virtual Console will not only support the NES, SNES, and N64 games but also Sega Genesis and the Turbogrfx games too. So that is a lot more games added to the virtual console. Hooray for that one. And that is about all for the Revolution. So I guess he's trying to get developers to jump in on this back catalogue download service which is a really good idea. So in a sense I was right. I did say he wanted to stress their online service and their you go. Now the DS had one really important announcement. The Zelda DS game has been officially announced and named. It is called The Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass. They showed a cool video of it too. Check the game out here on IGN's game page for the game. And then finally IGN got about 40 pics of the Revolution at GDC. You can see just how tiny the system is when the people walk up to it. It is small. And it gives you every side of the console. Just great. Every perspective and view can be viewed. Enjoy: Well above that there is really nothing else said. Just that. Well here is a complete breakdown and live fee of Mr. Iwata's Keynote that IGN did. Thank you IGN for your coverage. So that is all. No games, no online details, no screens, no videos, no hardware details, no secret details. No nothing. Quite a disappointment. Now I'm confusled. Yes confusled. The guy who had previously read the speeches said new details were coming. Yet I saw none of that. So my impression is that something got cut out last minute. Remember when they call up 3 people to test DS games. I think that was last minute added on to make up time for something cut out. So I think those details were cut out. Why? I have no idea. Maybe they still think Sony will steal ideas or maybe they are saving it for E3. But for whatever reason it sucks. I wish they would have kept it in. But hey what can you do about it. So still a good few tidbits for the online service. So it looks like we'll need to keep waiting for E3 were we are guaranteed no disappointments. So be patient revo fans. You won't be disappointed with your revo and it will be everything you won't it to be. I can promise that. Zucas


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