Sunday, March 19, 2006

Game Developer's Conference 2006: What's there and What to Expect?

Hey guys. Tomorrow is the beginning of GDC 2006. This is going to be a very big moment in gaming history so I'll keep you covered on everything. It starts on March 20, 2006 and ends on March 24, 2006. Now why is this one going to be so big? Well there are many reasons to why. That is why I'm going to do kinda of a pre- GDC to show you what is going to be at there and what you are going to expect to here or what I think will be there. Okay first of all there are going to be a lot of big names giving key speeches. Notably Satoru Iwata, President of Nintendo, and Phil Harrison, president of Sony Computer Entertaiment. Now these 2 guys are going to be the big reason why this will be so big. Both Sony and Nintendo have next-gen consoles that are yet to release and yet to be fully exposed. Now we know a lot of stuff will be saved for E3 but I have a good feeling you will hear a lot. So first let's go over what will be there and what is definet. First of all the speeches. Mr. Harrison will be making his speech on March 22 from 10:30 am to 11:30 am and the title of the speech is "Playstation 3: Beyond the Box". So that is already sounding out that there might be some more about the PS3. So that is big. Next Mr. Iwata will be making his speech on March 23 from 10:30 am to 11:30 am and the title of the speech is "Disrupting Development. So with the name of that speech he will most definetly be talking about the DS and the Revolution cause according to him they are both as the title says. Then also Roger D. Moore and Will Wright will be making speeches yet to me are not as important as the first 2 guys. So what we know is the presidents of Sony and Nintendo will be making speeches and they will be making speeches about their next-generation consoles. Yet to what extent. Well that is what I'm here to rumor about for you. First of all we'll start with Sony. Now Sony has just let a lot out about the PS3 in their last expo but I expect a lot more to be revealed here. I expect a lot of details concerning the online to release. I mean they haven't gone full force into the online yet and I expect all that to come out. I mean this is where all the developers get together so you need to let out a lot of things that deal with gameplay to get the developers in. Now remember Sony has already released a lot of info about their console so not much can be revealed. But I expect online and games to be revealed here. Now for the company that really is going to make an explosion, Nintendo. Nintendo has not fully revealed their console. Actually they have probably only fully revealed 40% of their console. So they could say a whole lot. But I still think that Nintendo is waiting for E3 to make a big explosion. But I don't think that is going to stop the build up. I think Nintendo will release enough to make us happy. I mean as I said this is where it needs to big with all the developers. Nintendo lately has been lacking developer support so if they want to get them in they need to excite them here. So here is what I expect Nintendo to say. For one I expect Nintendo to finally release the specs of the Revolution. I mean the devs are the only ones out there who need to know the specs of a console anyway so if you want to get the message out of what the Revo specs are then this is the time. So I would expect Nintendo Revolution specs at GDC. Secondly I expect Nintendo to reveal a secret that they have kept hidden for a while. Not the big secret but just another secret. So just a secret. Then the final thing I expect Nintendo to reveal is the format of their online service. I expect them to go over the interface, the structure of it, the whole nine yards. If they want to developers that they are fully supporting online then the time is now to say it. Also I expect them to go over the way you talk over the service, multimedia online features, and how well it stands up to the PS3 and X360 online services. So the online will be the thing for both companies here. Online is a big thing in the consoles lately so I expect it to be big where it counts. So GDC is going to be big this year in my mind. For the Revo it will be big but the real big event will definetly be E3 2006. But GDC will have plenty let out to tie us over. Well GDC is only a day away. It does start on the 20th. Now I didn't really talk about MS too much but they will be there. But not much they can talk about. But if you look at the floorplans you can see they will have a pretty big section. Well I will give you a couple of sites if you want to go in further. First of all here is the official GDC 2006 site: And inside that site here is the floorplan: So as GDC news comes I will make sure to keep everyone updated with the latest info. Enjoy. Zucas


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