Thursday, March 02, 2006

Crossbeam Studios

Hey here is definetly a game making company to look out for. This company has announced 3 games for the Revolution. They are Orb, Thorn, and Darkness. Now the business thrives all small companies but I think this is definetly a game making company we should look out. These guys look like they have some good ideas and may make there way up to being a pretty good game making company. So if you are getting a Revolution or thinking about it you might have to to see what these guys just have instore for you. So I will make sure to get info as much as it comes for this company to kinda advertise them and keep them throughout the internet. They are also looking for publisher so me advertising them will help. But keep these guys in your thoughts. I think there is great things instore for this company. Here is the home page of their company site: Update: In a recen interview with Crossbeam Studios they explain more about there games Orb, Thorn, and especially the big one they are saying Darkness. Wow great interview. From what I got from this they will all be Revolution only and quite incredible. All will be using the Revo controller to it's fullest. I'll be looking out for these games cause these look like the were winners. And they also made quite a good point. It's not the revremote that is the gimmick. The whole called Hd-era and graphics is the real gimmick. Thank you Crossbeam Studios. It's about time we have some developers who actually know what is important, gameplay. Good things to come out of these guys.


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