Friday, March 31, 2006

New Poll!

Everyone, I set up a new poll on the right side of the screen. I want everyone to participate and tell me whether I owned Zucas or not during the argument. He has been a long argument on Movie Codec and I want to settle it once and for all.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

We Need Comments For Episode 4

Hey we need once again your thoughts, ideas, comments, critiques or anything you want us to put in our next podcast. And I believe that Zero Radio will be joining our next podcast so one more voice. As for Kouryuoh I don't know if he'll be able to join. So stay tuned. We are hard at work at getting this next one prepared. Zucas

Revo Tech Specs...Supposedly

Now I have never been a fan of anything IGN or Matt Cassamania. Just don't like them. But he does give us news. Anyway he has talked with "insider developers" and they have given him the tech specs as follows: Insiders stress that Revolution runs on an extension of the Gekko and Flipper architectures that powered GameCube, which is why studios who worked on GCN will have no problem making the transition to the new machine, they say. IBM's "Broadway" CPU is clocked at 729MHz, according to updated Nintendo documentation. By comparison, GameCube's Gekko CPU ran at 485MHz. The original Xbox's CPU, admittedly a different architecture altogether, was clocked at 733MHz. Meanwhile, Xbox 360 runs three symmetrical cores at 3.2GHz. Nintendo's Revolution console, as seen on-display at the Game Developers Conference 2006 Clearly, numbers don't mean everything, but on paper Revolution's CPU falls performance-wise somewhere well beyond GameCube and just shy of the original Xbox. However, it's important to remember that there is no way to accurately gauge the performance difference between GCN's PowerPC-based architecture and the the Intel-based CPU of Xbox. Further, even if we could, these numbers are only one part of the equation. Revolution's ATI-provided "Hollywood" GPU clocks in at 243MHz. By comparison, GameCube's GPU ran at 162MHz, while the GPU on the original Xbox was clocked at 233MHz. Sources we spoke with suggest that it is unlikely the GPU will feature any added shaders, as has been speculated. "The 'Hollywood' is a large-scale integrated chip that includes the GPU, DSP, I/O bridge and 3MBs of texture memory," a studio source told us. The overall system memory numbers we reported last December have not greatly fluctuated, but new clarifications have surfaced. Revolution will operate using 24MBs of "main" 1T-SRAM. It will additionally boast 64MBs of "external" 1T-SRAM. That brings the total number of system RAM up to 88MBs, not including the 3MB texture buffer on the GPU. By comparison, GameCube featured 40MBs of RAM not counting the GPU's on-board 3MBs. The original Xbox included 64MBs total RAM. Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 operate on 512MBs of RAM. It is not known if the 14MBs of extra D-RAM we reported on last December are in the current Revolution specifications. Now as he described it the Revolution would be as powerful as the Xbox. So not bad. Xbox had some really good hardware. Now in the title the reason I said supposedly for a couple of reasons. The main one of those reasons is that these are developers giving the specs of the current dev kits they have. Now last time I checked final dev kits have not even been released for the Revo. If I remember correctly final dev kits are too be released in June. So these are either Alpha or Beta kits. But the last dev kits sent were beefed up GC's with a revremote attached. So that would basically be this. So this is where I'm skeptical. This is the specs of a early dev kit. So I don't think these are the actual specs but the specs of an alpha or beta dev kit which would make sense by going through the words of Nintendo. So then what would we expect the final dev kit numbers to be. Well I don't know but it will either be a big step up or just a tiny step up. Just how it works. But I would say these specs are definetly the ones of an unfinished set of dev kits. I could be totally wrong so take this analysis as specualtion but of course Matt's insiders could be wrong also so once again rumor. Well I'll be sure to keep you updated on more Revo "news". Zucas

Bioware/Pandemic Talk Revolution

In a recent interview with Pandemic/Bioware there have been some interesting things said. Check out this piece of the article:
GS: Do you perceive difficulties with the Revolution, as far as making games multi-platform? JR: Well the Revolution is a very different platform, and we’ve actually just seen some things behind closed doors that are just mind-blowing. Very very exciting. They’re doing something that’s very different and unique. I agree that it’s going to challenge the notion of just doing a port. Some very interesting comments. What could they mean by "mind blowing". I mean could it be the hardware or could it be the controller. Or could it be something else. Maybe it could be that visor or something to deal with 3d. This comment gets me very excited. Nintendo is doing something "mind-blowing". I think Pandemic could have just said something they weren't supposed to say. But thank you for doing it. Hopefully more news on Nintendo and there now "mind blowing" revolution. For the whole interview: Zucas

Dead or Alive 4 (Review)

Dead or Alive 4 (a review)
Dead or Alive 4, developed by Team Ninja, has mind blowing graphics that leave you astonished. The "Tekken-styled" fighting keeps players hooked on the game. The mysterious story mode keeps you wanting for more. I would give the single-player portion of the game a 8 out of 10, the graphics a 9.5 out of 10 for superb realism, and the multiplayer function a 6.5 out of 10. The multiplayer function through xbox live really threw me off with the confusing avatar style of joining rooms. Instead of navigating through text to find a game you are given a character, which can be customized, to find players and rooms. Other than that, this game was great!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Once Revolution, Now Disruptocon

Nintendo Disruptocon
Hey guys! I had to go deep inside Nintendo's mainframe security to get these! Nintendo decided to change the name of their new console from Revolution to Disruptocon after some beta testers found out it's "hidden powers". Tell me what you think about this.-Zero Radio (This picture may be funny, but it is indeed false.) Check out the full story here

Defining a Revolution: "There Comes a Time in Every Market Where a Revolution is Needed"-Zucas

I have done a special. In the last post you listened to an arguement between myself and Malvolio about this prediction and Nintendo's philosophy: 2005- The Xbox 360 is announced, no Nintendo ON video is not released thousands turn to Microsoft for lack of Nintendo news or speculation. Iwata says “Nintendo’s next-generation console is too handicapped graphically and we are withdrawing it." 95% Nintendo fans turn to Sony and Microsoft and their stocks climb dramatically higher. 2005- The Xbox 360 releases, no news about Nintendo, people everywhere swarm stores for their console and since Xbox 360 has almost no competition they make more systems than planned. They sell out leaving a minority of Playstation fans for PS3. Micro comes out and bombs selling slightly over 1,000 units in Japan and US, the lack of confidence in Nintendo is apparent. 2006- Ps3 releases enjoying a moderate launch with Killzone 2, Jak 4, and other titles. Still selling more. Nintendo is close to bankrupt thanks to lack of sales and lack of confidence. 2007- The next-generation is announced. Sony’s last desperate attempt comes out with a powerful system that has picture quality graphics and visuals. 2008- Gaming industry as a whole crashes, console market freezes. Well in the arguement we never got anywhere. So i have recorded my indepth analysis of the prediction, a Revolution, and Nintendo's philosphy. Enjoy. It is a really good listen. I guarantee you'll like this one. Also if the message isn't provided well verbally here is everything I said in a written format: Please leave comments. Thanks. Zucas


Zucas and I had a heated argument last night. Luckly Zero-Radio was there to record it. So go check it out on our podcast page or on iTunes. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I did owning Zucas.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Podcast 3 is up!!!! w00t!

YAY! We finally did episode 3. Sorry for the hiatus but I was out having a life. Its also mini episode because we were knid of short on time. But don't worry it is still a good episode. Next week we will be sure to record a whole hour long episode. So check out the new episode on iTunes or on our Podcast Page

Zero Radio is on the Team

We have a new member. Our biggest fan, Zero Radio, will become an editor for our site. So everyone be sure to welcome Zero Radio who will be a very good edition to our staff of now 4. We needed a new member with the rareness of Kouryuoh and I needed help with getting all the news and stuff out. So we needed another writer. So all welcome Zero Radio who will be a great add-on to our team. Zucas

GDC: Blogger's Breakfast

During the week of GDC on the 22 Microsoft held a "blogger's breakfast". It was an event where famous bloggers gathered for social gathering where they shared their latest news, ideas, and thoughts. They also talked about Peter Moore's inset, Phil Harrison's PS3 Keynote, and what the new battlestar galatica had to do with games.From the "Blogger's Breakfast". From left to right Adam Levine (Gamer Andy), Stephen Glicker (you know who), Peter Moore (Corporate Vice president of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business in the Entertainment and Devices Division ... translation: he’s in charge of marketing for the Xbox), Cesar Menendez (Xbox Online Community Manager), Chrisopther Grant (Joystiq). Again from the "Blogger's Breakfast". From left to right Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb (Director Of Programming for Xbox Live), Joel Johnson (Gizmodo), Brain Crecente (Kotaku), and Chris Satchell (General Manager Game Development Group). -Photos courtesy of Gaming Steve

Japanese Hardware and Software sales for the Week 13-19

The new weekly sales are out in Japan. These are more of the same but still some tight races. The hardware sales had once again DS Lite on top but that should be expected: Nintendo DS Lite - 104,452 PS2 - 66,670 Nintendo DS - 32,105 PSP - 31,848 Game Boy Advance SP - 4,290 Game Boy Micro - 3,087 GameCube - 1,318 X360 - 1,039 Game Boy Advance - 131 Xbox - 108 So DS lite had quite an impressive lead. But PS2 sold quite a bit itself also. But that is thanks to the release of FFXII in Japan. So that boosted it sales. And a close race between the PSP and original DS. About a 250 different in sales. And the GC and X360 are close as also. But the GBA original took a stunning 23 unit sale lead this week over the Xbox. Last week it was 2 units. Now for the software sales shouldn't be surprised that FFXII was the lead dog. Those Japanese people and their Final Fantasy. But they sure did buy a lot of it: 1. 1,764,266 - Final Fantasy XII (PS2) 2. 70,932 - Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS) 3. 67,222 - Brain Training 2 (DS) 4. 39,940 - English Training (DS) 5. 39,718 - Brain Training (DS) 6. 25,295 - Samurai Warriors 2 (PS2) 7. 17,928 - Mario Kart DS (DS) 8. 17,574 - Seiken Densetsu: Children of Mana (DS) 9. 17,520 - Guitar Freaks V & Drum Mania V (PS2) 10. 15,650 - Kero Kero 7 (DS) So Final Fantasy was selling like hotcakcs. 1.7 million copies were sold. Good god that's a lot. And then the DS games wiped the rest of the board with the Brain Training games, Animal crossing, English training, Mario Kart, Children of Mana, and a new one Kero Kero 7 which I don't know what that is. Then you had 2 more PS2 games. So as usual nothing but DS and PS2 but DS took 7 of 10 on this one. Well that's our Japanese sales of last week. Stay tuned for next week's edition. Zucas

Thursday, March 23, 2006

GDC 2006: A day of Nintendo

Sort of a day of Nintendo if we go revolution wise but definitely a lot of good DS news. Well I hyped up a lot of good stuff to come out of GDC for the Revolution and I was wrong as usual. But hey got to have some opinion. But anyway there isn't much revolution news said. But let's go over the some that is there. First of all Mr. Iwata has announced that the Revolution Virtual Console will not only support the NES, SNES, and N64 games but also Sega Genesis and the Turbogrfx games too. So that is a lot more games added to the virtual console. Hooray for that one. And that is about all for the Revolution. So I guess he's trying to get developers to jump in on this back catalogue download service which is a really good idea. So in a sense I was right. I did say he wanted to stress their online service and their you go. Now the DS had one really important announcement. The Zelda DS game has been officially announced and named. It is called The Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass. They showed a cool video of it too. Check the game out here on IGN's game page for the game. And then finally IGN got about 40 pics of the Revolution at GDC. You can see just how tiny the system is when the people walk up to it. It is small. And it gives you every side of the console. Just great. Every perspective and view can be viewed. Enjoy: Well above that there is really nothing else said. Just that. Well here is a complete breakdown and live fee of Mr. Iwata's Keynote that IGN did. Thank you IGN for your coverage. So that is all. No games, no online details, no screens, no videos, no hardware details, no secret details. No nothing. Quite a disappointment. Now I'm confusled. Yes confusled. The guy who had previously read the speeches said new details were coming. Yet I saw none of that. So my impression is that something got cut out last minute. Remember when they call up 3 people to test DS games. I think that was last minute added on to make up time for something cut out. So I think those details were cut out. Why? I have no idea. Maybe they still think Sony will steal ideas or maybe they are saving it for E3. But for whatever reason it sucks. I wish they would have kept it in. But hey what can you do about it. So still a good few tidbits for the online service. So it looks like we'll need to keep waiting for E3 were we are guaranteed no disappointments. So be patient revo fans. You won't be disappointed with your revo and it will be everything you won't it to be. I can promise that. Zucas

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

GDC 2006: A Day of PS3

Lots of PS3 news today going over the whole keynote and everything. First of all Sony has shown some PS3 dev kits. They look kinda odd but they are just dev kits. Also in a Q&A with Mr. Harrison he confirmed that the PS3 will see a diferent controller from recently seen. Knowing Sony they might copy the Revremote or good things from the X360 controller cause Sony has a history of stealing good ideas to use for their own good points. But maybe Sony for the first time will let out their own original controller for the PS3. Who knows. Also God of War 2 was officially announce so everyone should jump for joy. And Sony has also detailed their Online Network. It is pretty much the same as Xlive so not many surprises there. But here is that one: And here Kotaku details the info of the keynote by Harrison. He says alot but just make sure at the bottom of this page you click "here" to get part 2 to get all the info. So thank you Kotaku for all your GDC updates. And congratulations you sons of a bitches for being able to go to GDC to have all these live feeds and things while I was stuck at home. But really congrats. So thank you to all our buds at Kotaku. I hope all of that fulfills your Sony and PS3 needs. More PS3 news will be at E3 so stay ready. Especially game news. So stay ready for more. Zucas

Revolution to sale for $350?

Well this popped up when a Canadian Toys R Us worker said that they know the price of the Revo system. Now if you remember Canadian Toys R US are taking PS3 and Revo preorders so they may possibly know the system price. But the worker when asked by a friend what the revo price was the worker said $399 canadian dollars($350 US0). The worker said that they are really sure this is the price. Now something fishy about that. I mean Nintendo has already announced the system will sale for less than $299. So why would they sale it for more. They would be going directly back on their words. Maybe the worker meant $250. But maybe for all our graphics whores this could mean that maybe the Revo beefed up and got more multimedia functions. Well whatever it may be this is quite a fishy rumor. So we'll all see. I would expect the price of the revo to be stated at E3 so we will probably have to wait. But all will come in due time. Stay tuned. Zucas

New Revo Pics

At Nintendo's booth at GDC their have been the latest edition of the Revolution and it's controller. The system looks a little bulkier but I think it is perspective. There is a DS in the picture to compare size so you see just how small the system and the controller is. Definetly compact. Not the best pics in the world but the lighting isn't that great. And you get to see the whole system. I think it looks really good. They system is just so sleek. Best looking system out there. So definetly some good pics to tide us over til tomorrow's keynote. Stay tuned. I will post news as it comes tonight. Also I will discuss GDC exclusively in our podcast. So stay ready and keep posting your ideas for our next podcast. Zucas

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Game Developer's Conference 2006: What's there and What to Expect?

Hey guys. Tomorrow is the beginning of GDC 2006. This is going to be a very big moment in gaming history so I'll keep you covered on everything. It starts on March 20, 2006 and ends on March 24, 2006. Now why is this one going to be so big? Well there are many reasons to why. That is why I'm going to do kinda of a pre- GDC to show you what is going to be at there and what you are going to expect to here or what I think will be there. Okay first of all there are going to be a lot of big names giving key speeches. Notably Satoru Iwata, President of Nintendo, and Phil Harrison, president of Sony Computer Entertaiment. Now these 2 guys are going to be the big reason why this will be so big. Both Sony and Nintendo have next-gen consoles that are yet to release and yet to be fully exposed. Now we know a lot of stuff will be saved for E3 but I have a good feeling you will hear a lot. So first let's go over what will be there and what is definet. First of all the speeches. Mr. Harrison will be making his speech on March 22 from 10:30 am to 11:30 am and the title of the speech is "Playstation 3: Beyond the Box". So that is already sounding out that there might be some more about the PS3. So that is big. Next Mr. Iwata will be making his speech on March 23 from 10:30 am to 11:30 am and the title of the speech is "Disrupting Development. So with the name of that speech he will most definetly be talking about the DS and the Revolution cause according to him they are both as the title says. Then also Roger D. Moore and Will Wright will be making speeches yet to me are not as important as the first 2 guys. So what we know is the presidents of Sony and Nintendo will be making speeches and they will be making speeches about their next-generation consoles. Yet to what extent. Well that is what I'm here to rumor about for you. First of all we'll start with Sony. Now Sony has just let a lot out about the PS3 in their last expo but I expect a lot more to be revealed here. I expect a lot of details concerning the online to release. I mean they haven't gone full force into the online yet and I expect all that to come out. I mean this is where all the developers get together so you need to let out a lot of things that deal with gameplay to get the developers in. Now remember Sony has already released a lot of info about their console so not much can be revealed. But I expect online and games to be revealed here. Now for the company that really is going to make an explosion, Nintendo. Nintendo has not fully revealed their console. Actually they have probably only fully revealed 40% of their console. So they could say a whole lot. But I still think that Nintendo is waiting for E3 to make a big explosion. But I don't think that is going to stop the build up. I think Nintendo will release enough to make us happy. I mean as I said this is where it needs to big with all the developers. Nintendo lately has been lacking developer support so if they want to get them in they need to excite them here. So here is what I expect Nintendo to say. For one I expect Nintendo to finally release the specs of the Revolution. I mean the devs are the only ones out there who need to know the specs of a console anyway so if you want to get the message out of what the Revo specs are then this is the time. So I would expect Nintendo Revolution specs at GDC. Secondly I expect Nintendo to reveal a secret that they have kept hidden for a while. Not the big secret but just another secret. So just a secret. Then the final thing I expect Nintendo to reveal is the format of their online service. I expect them to go over the interface, the structure of it, the whole nine yards. If they want to developers that they are fully supporting online then the time is now to say it. Also I expect them to go over the way you talk over the service, multimedia online features, and how well it stands up to the PS3 and X360 online services. So the online will be the thing for both companies here. Online is a big thing in the consoles lately so I expect it to be big where it counts. So GDC is going to be big this year in my mind. For the Revo it will be big but the real big event will definetly be E3 2006. But GDC will have plenty let out to tie us over. Well GDC is only a day away. It does start on the 20th. Now I didn't really talk about MS too much but they will be there. But not much they can talk about. But if you look at the floorplans you can see they will have a pretty big section. Well I will give you a couple of sites if you want to go in further. First of all here is the official GDC 2006 site: And inside that site here is the floorplan: So as GDC news comes I will make sure to keep everyone updated with the latest info. Enjoy. Zucas

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Pokemon Revolution

Well I think everyone about knows that the Pokemon series will continue on into the Revolution but as of now no official conformation. But that has changed. In a recent interview with the creator of the Pokemon series, Tsunekazu Ishihara, has confirmed it . Here is what he said: "We're considering many plans for the Revolution. However, there are still areas of the Revolution itself that have not been seen, so we'd like to coordinate with Nintendo's movements." So he confirms that he will have many plans for the Revolution but doesn't stated Pokemon but since that is what he does that obviously means that there will be Pokemon titles on the Revolution. But this could be it guys. What we have all been waiting for. A Pokemon MMO. We all have wanted one. It would allow the greatness of the GBA Pokemon games to come to the consoles. Think how great a Pokemon MMO would be. It would just be incredible. So stay tuned for more news on the Pokemon series as it comes. Zucas

Japan Hardware and Software Sales for March 6-12

Time for some more sales. Nothing has really changed all over from last weeks hardware and software sales but here they are. First the hardware sales: Nintendo DS Lite - 89,790 Nintendo DS - 48,947 PSP - 40,091 PS2 - 22,476 Game Boy Advance SP - 4,235 Game Boy Micro - 3,020 GameCube - 1,360 X360 - 1,296 Game Boy Advance - 65 Xbox - 63 Well the DS's took the overral win again. Also the DS's combined for about 136,000 in sales. Not bad. The PSP sold unsually good with 40k. But the races that are really rampant are the X360 and Gamecube right now. The GC outsold the X360 by 64 consoles. Tight race there. And the Xbox and original GBA is close. The original GBA outsold the Xbox by 2. So big races there. Now for the software sales: 1. 81,850 - Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS) 2. 70,950 - Brain Training 2 (DS) 3. 48,632 - Samurai Warriors 2 (PS2) 4. 42,378 - English Training (DS) 5. 40,904 - Brain Training (DS) 6. 33,819 - Mobile Suit Gundam Climax U.C. (PS2) 7. 26,571 - Seiken Densetsu: Children of Mana (DS) 8. 20,826 - Valkyrie Profile Lenneth (PSP) 9. 19,452 - Mario Kart DS (DS) 10. 17,282 - Monster Hunter Portable (PSP) Well it seems like for the DS it was the usual with exception of Children of Mana being on the top 10 for the second week. Surprising AC:WW came in first even though not a recent game. I don't believe it has gone out of the top 10 either let alone get first now. Then we have a couple of PS2 games and a couple of PSP games to fill out the rest. So about the same as last week for software sales. But should get a little more interesting next week. So stay tuned for that. Zucas

Friday, March 17, 2006

We Need Thoughts for Episode 3

Hey it is that time again. Start putting your ideas, comments, questions, topics, news, or anything you want to discuss in our podcast. And we will definetly include it in there. Yall did a great job last time with this so let's keep it up. Remember Zero Radio is the guy to beat right now so try to double him. Ha lol just kidding. But thanks for all feedback. We love you guys. Zucas

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Today is Sony's Day

Sony has finally let out a lot of stuff concerning the PS3 and the PSP. And I would love to go over all of it but I think IGN has done quite a good job at outlining the PS Biz Brief 06. But I will go over some of the PS3 things. First of all I would love to outline Sony's Xlive killer. And it is definetly comparable but we'll see. Sony has so far announced these things to try and compete with Xlive: Communication/Community: Voice/Video chat Messaging Lobby/Matchmaking Score/Ranking Friend list/AvatarGame data upload/download Commerce: Shop (accessible from inside games) Content Download Micro Payment SubscriptionEntitlement (user access rights) management Account: User Registration Login ID/Handling of name issues Also they have announced a basic account which will be free. Now they call it a "basic service" and did not specify if there would be anything further that would cost money. I don't quite understand yet. But all they have announced is a free "basic service" and did not specify further. But this is obviously hinting at an extended non free service. I mean I could have missed something but this is what I got out of it. So there is you so called Xlive killer. But this is not everything announced but the heart of it. There will probably be a lot more but this is what matters as most of this is dealing with the gaming experience which is what we are looking for. I'm sure a bunch of other multimedia functions will also pop up later but unimportant to me as of now. So enjoy your PS3 info. I know yall have been dying for more. Zucas

PS3 Worldwide Launch in November Confirmed

Well it's official. The PS3 will release in North America, Japan, and some other Asian places in November of this year. So I get to keep to my analysis as I just stated. So because in America it is release in November also may not be that bad. But right now I would say Sony's fate is going to deal a lot on 2 things. How much MS gets of a headstart. Like if they can ever restock and ever get any games out that is worth while playing. So if MS can make up for there time lost then Sony will have a problem. And the second thing is when the Revolution launches. This is big. When Nintendo launches the Revo will be big right now. If they launch it in November then they will be coinciding and will most likely go in Sony's favor. But if Nintendo manages to launch is a few months before Sony's big release then this could pose as a serious problem. Cause now it is the last system out and both the others have had time to settle in. But we still have to worry about the time factor and especially the price factor. Don't lie to yourselves Sony fans. The PS3 is going to be expensive. We all know that. So that will be big on how expensive it is. And why they should get it if they could possibly get an X360 and a Revolution for the same exact price. So think about that one. But glad that the American release is coming in November. That is not a bad move. American release had to be right there and no later. So not as bad as I predicted it to be cause I didn't know the terms of the American launch but this is once again a 3 man race again. The war is heating up guys. All companies have targets now and E3 is going to enflame those targets. But sadly for our European viewers you may not see a PS3 till 2007 but that is the spot that Sony has screwed up on. That could be a big mistake cause Sony has lately been losing ground in Europe to MS and Nintendo. So let's hope the appeal to them. Well as the console wars heats up I will be here to spread the news. For all you console wars battles this is Zucas

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

PS3 to Launch in November in Japan?

Oh boy I've got sadening news for all of our Sony followers. I know I put a question mark behind this but this is almost as true as anything. I mean there is a lot to support this. Check out the Kotaku article on it: Well they are basically saying that the PS3 has been delayed til November cause of once again Blu-ray. They state is as trying to protect it from piracy. This sounds very truthful. So saddening. So what does this mean? Well this means nothing good. This will put the PS3 at a very bad position. First of all this means that the launch will be over a year behind the X360 in most parts of the world. Secondly Nintendo has already promised that the Revo will be out in America before November and also in the rest of the world before 2007. So this gives the Revo and X360 a long time to get settled in with sales, market, and games. This is just saddening news cause this just puts Sony at such a disadvantage. All Sony had to do was release close within both launches and they could most likely keep their reign. But I think this fatal move will ensure that they will not reclaim first. I mean the system will be expensive. We know that. But wouldn't have been that bad if it was released earlier. But now as a customer you have to think if you want to wait for a system and also pay more money. Just doesn't have a good combo. This just is not a good move at all. This is the worst thing Sony could have done. So I think personally Sony's reign just might end cause of this mistake but once again we can only call this a rumor. So lookout for the official announcement in the coming days. And none of what I predicted might happen. But that's my take. So stay tuned Sony fans. Zucas

Monday, March 13, 2006

America February Hardware and Software Sales

Hey the American sales for February have finally been released. Here is the hardware. No surprise at the victor though: Xbox 360 = 161,000 PS2 = 299,000 Xbox = 88,000 GCN = 67,000 DS = 150,000 PSP = 170,000 So PS2 came in 1st while PSP came in a close second with X360 in 3rd. Then DS was in 4th all the way. Now for the software sales a little more interesting. I believe these are the top 25. Luckily all systems are represented except the Xbox. Poor Xbox. It's successor just shut it out I guess: Rank Title Publisher 1 360 FIGHT NIGHT ROUND 3 Electronic Arts 2 360 CALL OF DUTY 2 Activision 3 PS2 FIGHT NIGHT ROUND 3 Electronic Arts 4 PS2 GUITAR HERO BUNDLE Red Octane 5 PSP GTA: LIBERTY CITY STORIES Take 2 Interactive 6 PS2 MADDEN NFL 06 Electronic Arts 7 PS2 ARENA FOOTBALL Electronic Arts 8 PS2 MVP 06 NCAA BASEBALL Electronic Arts 9 PS2 NEED SPEED: MOST WANTED Electronic Arts 10 360 FULL AUTO Sega 11 PS2 WWE SMACKDOWN! VS RAW 2006 THQ 12 360 MADDEN NFL 06 Electronic Arts 13 360 DEAD OR ALIVE 4 Tecmo 14 NDS ANIMAL CROSSING: WILD WORLD Nintendo 15 PS2 NBA LIVE 06 Electronic Arts 16 360 NEED SPEED: MOST WANTED Electronic Arts 17 PS2 GRAND THEFT AUTO: SAN ANDREAS VERSION 2.0 Take 2 Interactive 18 PS2 GRANDIA 3 Square Enix 19 PS2 STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT II LucasArts 20 NDS MARIO KART Nintendo 21 PSP SOCOM: FIRETEAM BRAVO Sony 22 PSP NEED SPEED: MOST WANTED Electronic Arts 23 GCN SUPER MARIO STRIKERS Nintendo 24 PSP MADDEN NFL 06 Electronic Arts 25 GCN SONIC RIDERS Sega So the X360 got the top 2 with Fight Night 3 and COD2. Then it is about PS2 everywhere else. But the GC managed to get in Super Mario Strikers and Sonic Riders at the way end while the PSP got in SOCOM, GTA:LS, and NFS:MW. And then NDS got it's usual. So quite a different setup but as usual mostly PS2 games with your ocassional others. Can't anything stop this PS2. Well I guess not except for the PS3 again. Well as soon as possible I'll try to find some worldwide sales for a few games so stay tuned for that. Zucas

New Poll

Now that everyone has heard the podcast, I hope that everyone will vote in the new poll (right side of the page). You've heard both sides of the argument so now vote for what you think. I have a "small" lead right now, but I think Zucas can catch up. Maybe...

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Guy beats Super Mario 64 in 16 mins

So you thought you were good at Super Mario 64. Well trust me your not at least compared to this dude. This guy beat Super Mario 64 in 16 mins. That is just incredible. He does things I never thought people could do: Incredible huh. Zucas

Raid over the River

Our friends over at Revolution Report have done a comprehensive look at the Revolution only NIBRIS title, Raid Over the River. It looks very interesting and I can't wait to find out how it works with the revremote. So check it out. It talks about missions, characters, and your fighter planes. Also it talks about the whole storyline. So this is the first actual storyline, characters, ect we know about a revolution game. A big yahhhhhhhhhhh for that.

Feb 27- March 5 Japan Software and Hardware Sales

Hey it's that time again where we get to see hardware and software sales from Japan. Now because not enough, sadly, DS Lites were shipped to Japan numbers aren't that high but still the DS is raping as usual in hardware sales. Nintendo DS Lite - 68,438 Nintendo DS - 49,118 PSP - 43,110PS2 - 25,778 Game Boy Advance SP - 5,493 Game Boy Micro - 3,213 GameCube - 1,489 X360 - 1,240 Xbox - 101 Game Boy Advance - 98 Well guys we need to celebrate cause for the first time in a long time the Xbox has outsold the original Game Boy advance. 3 cheers for the Xbox. Now for software sales: 1. 157,036 - Mobile Suit Gundam Climax U.C. (PS2) 2. 102,555 - Seiken Densetsu: Children of Mana (DS) 3. 97,646 - Samurai Warriors 2 (PS2) 4. 90,800 - Brain Training 2 (DS) 5. 77,346 - Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS) 6. 70,084 - Valkyrie Profile Lenneth (PSP) 7. 63,833 - Devil Summoner: Kuzunoha Raidou (PS2) 8. 52,855 - English Training (DS) 9. 51,215 - Brain Training (DS) 10. 25,527 - Monster Hunter 2 (PS2) Pretty much the same except for Animal Crossing hit number 2 million in sales just in Japan. That's crazily good.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Episode 2 is ready!

I finally got episode 2 ready. Due to technical difficulties the show had to be split in two. In this episode Zucas reviews the onile mode of Burnout 3, I review Super Monkey Ball DS, we argue about the 360 launch and much more! Check it out on iTunes or on our podcast page.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

PS3 and Revo Details to be Revealed at GDC

Yes finally. To all our straggling PS3 and Revo fans waiting just for a slice of info this news is godly then. It seems the head directof of GDC has announced that new Revo and PS3 details will be revealed at GDC. This confirms that they are both just not there to talk strategy. They are ready to get down to business. Thank you for this info. I'll keep you updated on GDC info as it arises. And I'll have full coverage of GDC when it comes. So stay tuned. Zucas

What is the PSP Trying to Promote in Europe?

Over the last few days or weeks a lot of crazy PSP signs in Europe have been promoting some odd things. Like this one sounds like it is promoting suicide. But I guess it's got a point cause it's suicide to buy a PSP anyway. Oh shot but Sony set themselves up for that one. Then these 2 ads sounds like it is promoting sex and language: Wow I know the PSP is desperate to sell but how desperate is Sony right now. They have to promote sex and launguage and suicide just to get those extra buyers. Geez Sony's PSP has just gone down the hill lately hasn't it. Well the signs and ads will all most likely be banned. But really these are just retarded ways to advertise a handheld. I mean everyone knows that what's on the sign isn't in the PSP. In my opinion just a better reason to get a DS cause Sony just has no confidence in their PSP if they have to stoop to this. More PSP good and bad news soon. Hopefully more good than bad. Zucas

Monday, March 06, 2006

We are iTunes ready!

We are officially on iTunes, horay! Just type in "A Gamer's paradise" in the search for podcasts section and we should come up. But for some reason our picture doesn't come up. I think it waqs just because it was a little too racy. But I changed it so now it is officially the new black ipod.

The newest logo

Okay, Zero Radio made us yet another logo. I love it, but i want to hear what you guys think. Add comments to this post and vote in the poll so we can pick our logo.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

We Need Your Thoughts For Podcast 2

You've seen the mini-podcast and you've seen episode 1 for our podcast history. So you know how we do things. But to make it complete we need your thoughts, questions, comments, anything that you want to say about gaming we want. If you want to give us a game to review, or something you want us to talk about, or maybe questions that you would like to hear us answer, or maybe something to do in our little things such as online paradise games to look out for, ect. Anything you have we need. So post in the comments section your thoughts, questions, and comments. Thanks from all of us at A Gamer's Paradise. Zucas

The Rumors behind Guts N Glory

Well as we said in the podcast about Guts N Glory I would get into a little more detail here. Well I might not be able to do that but I can give you the links to where it talks about that. But here are some links to some of the sites where it talks about the game. Unluckily the interview I can no longer find on a web page. I could post it but it would be beastly long so I'm not going too. But here are a couple of sites that talk about it: This first site is where it talks just generally about the game. This one describes the game totally differnt than the next site but basically tells you what is rumored to be in the game: - just scroll down to you see the name of the game Thanks to our friends at Following Revolution I found this a while back. And the second site is the one where I got most of my info that I said on the podcast. But I'm going to give you a link to this guy's profile. He is the dude who was posting the emails that I talked about in the podcast. Just read all of his posts that have either email or guts n glory in it to find all you can out about Guts N Glory and the Revolution and a few other games. So definetly good site: So lots of good rumors for the game. So now you see why we are so pschyed about this game.

Official Episode 1 is out!

We recorded our first "real" episode! We talk about the Microsoft oragami, Eternal Darkness and Guts 'n Glory. Check it out on our podcast page.

New Logo

This is our new logo courtesy of Chris a.k.a Zero Radio. Thanks a lot!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

New Podcast Page

Okay I decided to make a separate page for the podcasts. I will still post them in the blog but they can all be found without troublesome scrolling at this new site. There is a link below and it is also under links. Heres the link: A Gamer's Paradise Podcast Page

Feb 20-26 Japanese Software and Hardware Sales

We have an update on the last week's sales in Japan. For Hardware: February 20 - 26, 2006 1. DS: 47,462 2. PSP: 31,742 3. PS2: 24,104 4. GBASP: 4,964 5. GBM: 3,175 6. GC: 1,836 7. Xbox 360: 1,203 8. GBA: 113 9. Xbox: 61 DS and PSP leading the way as usual. But stay tuned for the next 2 weeks when the DS lite launches and gets a couple of new colors. DS will just about rape the charts. Now for software sales: February 20 - 26, 2006 #. Game (Plataform) - This Week - Total 1. Samurai Warriors 2 (PS2) - 327.298 - 327.298 2. Suikoden V (PS2) - 135.289 - 135.289 3. Disgaea 2 (PS2) - 104.059 - 104.059 4. More DS Brain Training (DS) - 64.298 - 1.342.757 5. Animal Crossing Wild World (DS) - 56.806 - 1.957.677 6. Monster Hunter 2 (PS2) - 54.358 - 416.531 7. Initial D Street Stage (PSP) - 51.144 - 51.144 8. DS Training English (DS) - 44.877 - 521.572 9. Nintendo DS Brain Training (DS) - 36.723 - 1.590.760 10. Clannad (PS2) - 28.986 - 28.986 A couple of new PS2 games topped the charts but still the usual ownage of the DS games. And note that Animal Crossing has almost sold 2 million just in Japan. So lookout out next week to see that game hit 2 million.

DS Lite Launches in Japan

The DS Lite has launched in Japan and couldn't have been in a bigger way. IGN has taken pictures of lines going down streets forever. The DS Lite launch is just huge. Check out the pics IGN took: Won't see these kinda lines for a PSP. Yah I had to take a cheap shot at the PSP but you know. That is really going to boost the sales of the DS and keep distancing the gap between the DS and PSP. Tight race but I think Nintendo and the DS is about to break it open. Speaking of handhelds MS might have just come at the exact wrong time to enter but we'll see. More from the handheld wars as news comes. Zucas

Crossbeam Studios

Hey here is definetly a game making company to look out for. This company has announced 3 games for the Revolution. They are Orb, Thorn, and Darkness. Now the business thrives all small companies but I think this is definetly a game making company we should look out. These guys look like they have some good ideas and may make there way up to being a pretty good game making company. So if you are getting a Revolution or thinking about it you might have to to see what these guys just have instore for you. So I will make sure to get info as much as it comes for this company to kinda advertise them and keep them throughout the internet. They are also looking for publisher so me advertising them will help. But keep these guys in your thoughts. I think there is great things instore for this company. Here is the home page of their company site: Update: In a recen interview with Crossbeam Studios they explain more about there games Orb, Thorn, and especially the big one they are saying Darkness. Wow great interview. From what I got from this they will all be Revolution only and quite incredible. All will be using the Revo controller to it's fullest. I'll be looking out for these games cause these look like the were winners. And they also made quite a good point. It's not the revremote that is the gimmick. The whole called Hd-era and graphics is the real gimmick. Thank you Crossbeam Studios. It's about time we have some developers who actually know what is important, gameplay. Good things to come out of these guys.

Midway confirms Revolution Support

Well we were just talking about games and you might have noticed a Midway game in one the areas. Well that is because today Midway officially announced support for Nintendo by bringing one of their projects to the Revolution this year. He even said that Stranglehold might be brought to the Revolution with a very strong possibility rate. So that is just great. So what you are seeing is great. Companies from last gen that had kinda left support GC are slowly coming back for the Revolution. The Dream Team the N64 once had is slowly starting to come back with the help of the DS and the Revolution. The Revolution is going over very well with developers. They know something that we don't and they love it. Nintendo has shown something that is causing all developers who never would have developed for it do that. Nintendo is starting to come back. Keep a lookout for them.

Revolution Games?

The common thought is that there are no Revolution games. Well I beg to differ. It seems that IGN has been doing a thing called Every Revolution Game. Well it shows a pretty good list of some good Revolution games and it is not even close too finsh. So for all you Revo fans here are some good games to look forward too: But for an even more comprehensive list thanks to our lovely editors at wikipedia they keep a pretty up to date list that is very accurate. And it says if it is rumored or not but still quite a good list. Check that out here: Quite a good amount of games. I think there are almost 60 there. So take those games and about 200 virtual console games and you got a hell of a lot of games. Now don't worry you see a lot of games being announced for the X360 and PS3 and wondering why they aren't announced for the Revo. It's not because they aren't going for the Revolution. It's because either the company hasn't had a chance to experince the hardware yet or they are waiting for E3 to announce. And also the main reason is that Nintendo still has a lot of NDA's on these companies. So don't worry come E3 all NDA's will be dropped and games will be pouring in for the Revolution. Have faith. I believe. Do you?(Yah a little Seriousgamer in there) Zucas

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Podcast is Up!

Okay I finally got the podcast working. Yay!! It was supposed to be mini but it ended up being over a half hour. We will probably make a new podcast this weekend so look foward to that. Oh and don't mind Zucas's heavy breathing. The "Mini" podcast- episode one of Gamer's Paradise

A Gamer's Paradise Mini-Podcast

Myself and Malvolio have finally got a podcast up. Except this is just a mini one. Well it's 30 minutes so enough to be a full one but not the first one we'll classify. And we even have a small interruption of Kouryuoh in there. You won't hear him but you know he just kinda popped up. But scroll down to the post called Blast player to watch it. It's really good. The first podcast should come this weekend. Update: Okay it seems that the Blast Player is having a few problems with the Podcast. So just wait for Malvolio to get around to fixing that. Should be by tomorrow.