Tuesday, February 28, 2006

PSP Not To Have a Keyboard

Saddening news for all PSP owners indeed. It seems that the Logic 3 keyboard originally set to be let out as a peripheal for the PSP has been canned. Saddening day cause this would have really made browsing only much easier for the console. Could have only been a plus. This is the statements made by the company about the canning of the keyboard: Thanks for your mail, yes this is correct we are no longer producing orreleasing a keyboard for the Sony PSP. This decision was made by our product development team, in order toproduce the keyboard we have to acquire certain information & commandprotocols from Sony for the PSP which we where unable to obtain. Thank you for your interest in Logic 3 PSP products. Well from what I understand from that it seems that the whole thing was caused because Sony did not supply the company with enough info about the PSP to help the company enable the right tools they needed to equip the keyboard. Well it seems like Sony is just shooting it's own ship down here as they are the direct cause for customers to be without a keyboard. So to all PSP supporters sorry Sony let you down. Ever think that Sony just doesn't care about the PSP I mean really. Just my opinion but seems like they just make to many repetive bad mistakes. Someone needs to tell Sony that this isn't going to be good just cause it has the brandname Playstation in it. They need to get over their cockiness and push this handheld to its fullest potential. Expect soon from myself and exclusive PSP review from yours truly at A Gamer's Paradise. Be sure to tune in for that. Source: http://pspupdates.qj.net/2006/02/psp-keyboard-press-esc.html Zucas


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