Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Bomberman Gets Pimped Up On X360

The new Bomberman game, Bomberman: Act Zero, is set to hit the X360 come May 2006. Yet this is no Bomberman you are used to. This Bomberman has been totally character redesigned into a cooler, darker look. He now actually looks pretty scary compared to the old version. Check out his coolness here: http://www.hudson.co.jp/gamenavi/gamedb/softinfo/bomb_actzero/ Personally I like the way the old Bomberman looked. I think they are kinda messing with the game a little too much. I mean the only reason they are doing this is because if they released the original Bomberman on the X360 too many people would think it was kiddy, which it most certainly isn't. So they had to totally recreate the dude just for the X360. Well whateva your thoughts, happy or mad, still another great Bomberman game to hit the gaming world. Glad to have him back.


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