Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Best Selling Titles of Last Gen

So what would be your guess as to what was the best selling title of the last gen. Well would you have guessed Mario. Well of course you would have. But the top 3 were Mario, Madden, and GTA. None too surprising really. But look at the whole list and you might be surprised by some of the titles on there. I know I was. http://cache.kotaku.com/gaming/images/topfranchise.jpg Well I had to take a pic from Kotaku but I have to get my info and things from somewhere. But yah lots of games in there that surprised me. Especially the Tiger Woods one. Well there ya go. To make it better for Kotaku I'll have Malvolio put them in our links section. Then I can do it withoug feeling bad. But yah so look at what you buy most of. Maybe we can try to break that next-gen with having some new titles. You never know. Next-Gen will be very promising. Zucas


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